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Calvi Yacht Charter Information

Calvi is a small town which lies on the northwest coast on the island of Corsica and is located at about 95km from Bastia and 24km from Ile Rousse.

It is an attractive town nestled in an idyllic location between the sea and the mountains behind and is a stunning summer resort for all visitors, especially yacht charters.

Calvi’s location on the Mediterranean coast and its easy access contribute to make a perfect spot worth visiting for those who find the French Riviera as too crowded and flashy.

The Port Calvi is a major attraction in the area, it offers over 500 berths for visiting yachts measuring up to 50m long. The Promenade which lines the beautiful harbor area is one of the most popular spot to eat, drink and relax.

You will also have the opportunity to sail towards the famous Scandola Natural reserves which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site covering about 1000 hectares of scrub and sea.

If you are in the area on the 15th of August, you can also enjoy the biggest and the most extravagant fireworks shows in the Mediterranean.

Calvi is considered as the best place to take most of the beauty of the fireworks and party out of the harbor on board your yacht.

If you want to enjoy the top views of the entire region of Calvi and learn a bit more about its history, you can head to its famous Citadel.

The path is made with steep cobble steps and you can make stops at the numerous shops and restaurants along your way to the Citadel.

For yacht charter enthusiasts, it is also worth noting that Calvi also hosts the base of the Foreign Legion and that once a year, they put on parachute shows landing in the sea.

In the town center, you can visit the l’Eglise Santa Maria which is the only pink church in the area. You will also find some good shops around the town especially on the Rue Artisanat where you can get almost anything ranging from clothes, to hats and watches.

You will have the opportunity to taste some local specialties which are based on dried meats, honey, spices, chestnut flour, olive oil and herbs. There is also a fine beach near the city where you can relax and enjoy sunbathing.


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