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Ajaccio Yacht Charter Information

Ajaccio is a commune in France. It is the capital and largest city of the region of Corsica and the prefecture of the department of Corse-du-Sud.

Ajaccio has a small manufacturing economy of cigars, macaroni and similar products and carries on shipbuilding, sardine fishing and coral fishing. Its exports include timber, citrons, skins, chestnuts and Gallic acid. The port is accessible by the largest ships, but its accommodation is indifferent.

Ajaccio is located on 390 km southeast of Marseilles and it occupies a sheltered position at the foot of wooded hills on the northern shore of the Gulf of Ajaccio. The harbour lies to the east of the foundation site at the original citadel on a hill overlooking a peninsula protecting the harbor on the south.

The modern city not only encloses the entire harbor but takes up the better part of the Gulf of Ajaccio and in suburban form extends for some miles up the valley of the Gravona River. The flow from that river is nearly entirely consumed as the city water supply.

The town is a relaxed and good-looking place, with an exceptionally mild climate, and a wealth of cafés, restaurants and shops. Ajaccio is a good place for a yacht charter vacation with its unspoiled places for yachts to anchor.

It is a spectacular yacht charter destination. You will have crystal-clear water, and your choice of splendid cruising itineraries. There is a lot to explore on Ajaccio.

Ajaccio offers all type of yacht charter such as bareboat charter, skippered, crewed yacht charter, catamaran, sailboat, motor yacht and luxury yacht charter. The beauty of the harbour attracts painters and photographers but also boatmen.

Those who do not have their own yacht might choose a Yacht Charter because the port is best admired from out at sea. The only decision you will have to make is whether to charter a sailboat or a powerboat.

Since it is located on an island, Ajaccio is easily reached by air, through Ajaccio-Campo Dell’Oro International Airport 7 km east of the urban centre.

Ajaccio is renowned for its many restaurants, pubs and shops but also has a lot of historical buildings, some related to the former French emperor. The Lantivy Palace, the library, the Napoleon Museum, the Fesch Museum, Napoleon’s home and the Chapelle Imperiale are the most popular among Yacht Charter crews.


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