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Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka Yacht Charter Information

Sri Lanka is an island country which lies in the Indian Ocean to the southwest of the Bay of Bengal.

The southern half of Sri Lanka is beautifully dominated by a beautiful and rugged hill country while the northern part is dotted with a large plain which extends from the edge of hill country to the Jaffna peninsula.

The island is renowned worldwide for its beautiful beaches which lie on its southwestern, southern and southeastern coasts.

It is also an important seasonal home to numerous rare animals the ubiquitous elephants, leopards, monkeys, cobras, crocodiles and some rare species of migrating birds.

The region experiences a typical tropical climate and the temperatures in the low-lying areas are high all year round while falling drastically with altitude and in the hill country.

Sri Lanka is a major yacht charter destination in the Indian Ocean and it offers more than 1000 miles of beautiful palm-shaded beaches together with warm pure seas and some colorful coral reefs.

The southern beaches are amongst the most popular spots in the area, with Colombo beach which is considered as a haven for surfers, water sports enthusiasts and snorkelers.

It is also famous for its Old Dutch fort and is renowned on the island for its lace-making, ebony carving and gem-polishing.

Yacht charterers can also sail to the eastern coast, and visit Trincomalee, an ideal refuge for beach addicts. Trincomalee also hosts one of the finest natural harbors in the world and offers numerous excellent beaches.

You can also visit Batticoloa famous for its large lagoon and well-preserved fort, Kalkuddah with its fine bay or Nilaveli offering numerous water sports and whale watching, one of its most popular attractions.


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