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Seychelles Yacht Charter Information

Seychelles is an island country spanning an archipelago of 115 islands in the Indian Ocean. It lies at about 1500 km to the mainland Africa and to the northeast of the island of Madagascar.

Seychelles comprises of 41 spectacular granitic islands and of 74 sparkling sand cays and atolls and they are divided into 2 groups, the Inner islands and the Outer islands.

All the islands enjoy a tropical climate all year round making it an ideal location for yachting in the calm seas which offer good protection for diving and snorkeling. The temperature varies from 20ºC to 28ºC.

Mahe is the largest island in the Seychelles and it is also where the capital city, Victoria lies. It is surrounded by 40 granite islands which are located within a 35 miles radius around the main island.

For most visitors, Seychelles is considered as a dreamlike location and is unsurprisingly the choice place for an idyllic honeymoon.

It is also renowned for its eco-tourism being also a top spot to watch birds and giants tortoises in their natural habitats. There is also a vast world lying below its surrounding turquoise waters which attracts divers of all levels.

For any yacht charterer, the Seychelles is an ideal cruising ground and offers the possibility to visit the numerous islands around.

You will have the opportunity to explore the island of Mahe which the transportation hub and is an ideal starting point for day excursions to all the neighboring beautiful islands.

You can also visit the famous Morne Seychellois, a mountain that is over 900 m high, located in Morne Seychellois Park.

The northern and the eastern part of the island is where much of the business takes place and you will find a large number of bars and restaurants scattered in the area.

The city of Victoria is a great place to visit where you can see the famous Clock tower and its impressive port. You can also visit the numerous markets featuring fresh fish and fruits.

There is also the National History Museum, the Codevar Craft Center and the Botanical Gardens that are worth a visit.

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