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Mozambique Yacht Charter Information

Mozambique is located on the southeastern coast of Africa. Mozambique is made up mainly of coastal lowlands, rising toward the west to a plateau.

In the capital city of Maputo formerly, Lourenco Marques, you are never far from the coast and yacht charters who visit the city can enjoy the refreshing sea breeze at the many restaurants serving locally caught sea foods.

A popular spot for diving and fishing are the beaches of Macaneta, white sand splendor, clear blue waters and exotic sea life below. The beaches of Macaneta are merely a day trip away from the mainlands and are a must see for yacht charters.

Yacht charters traveling to the south will enjoy the beaches and ocean of Ponta De Ouro, perfect for scuba diving. Its waters are alive with many species of marine life including dolphins, Manta ray and the occasional shark for the more adventurous.

There are also many other surrounding islands. There are the idyllic islands that comprise the Quirimbas Archipelago which stretch for 250 km along the northern Mozambican coastline, from the historic port of Pemba in the south to the town of Palma in the north. It has a captivating chain of 32 coral islands. These tropical islands contain some of the richest coral reefs in the world and provide habitat for an abundant array of marine life.

The Primeira archipelago is situated off the coast of Pembane, Mozambique. It consists of 5 uninhabited islands and is renowned for its abundance in fish and pristine coral reefs. The warm Mozambique Channel ensures pleasant swimming, diving and sailing conditions all year round. Madagascar from the East protects Fogo Island from the notorious cyclone alley as well as harsh weather conditions. The area is also renowned breeding ground for leatherback turtles. Whales can also be seen in the month of December.

The Bazaruto Archipelago is made up of five islands: Bazaruto, Benguerra, Magaruque, Santa Carolina also known as the Paradise Island and Bangue. Tourist attractions include sandy beaches, coral reefs, and opportunities for surfing and fishing. The archipelago became a National Park in 1971. Bazaruto offers unspoiled coral pink beaches, world class deep sea fishing, salt water fly fishing, scuba diving and snorkeling. Santa Carolina is a true rock island with deep channels. It has three beautiful beaches with coral reefs close to the shore.

Bassas da India is an uninhabited, roughly circular atoll about 10 km. It is a world renowned top fishing and diving destination and can only be reached by boat. The boat trip takes 2 days from mainland Mozambique. The atoll consists of ten barren rocky islets, with no vegetation. The reef is completely covered by the sea from 3 hours before to 3 hours after high tide.

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