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Maldives Yacht Charter Information

Maldives is an archipelago comprising of a necklace of 1190 islands located at about 180 miles off the southern tip of India and stretches over 500 miles long from the North to the South of the Equator. There are more than 202 islands that are inhabited in the Maldives archipelago.

It is often defined as a geographical eccentricity nestled in the middle of the Indian Ocean, a series of ancient coral reefs that grew up around the sides of towering prehistoric volcanoes.

The immense structures have long been sunk into the ocean, leaving behind numerous coral islands of incredible natural beauty. The beaches are known internationally, its waters are cobalt blue and a warm welcome to the country, the beaches have became a byword for paradise for sun worshippers, yacht charterers and divers.

Maldives is famous worldwide for its diving and the beauty of its colors which always keep the divers and snorkelers in awe. The local traditions in Maldives are strongly related to the seas, the women in the country play an important role in the society while the men spend their whole day out at sea fishing.

The Maldives is considered as a paradise on earth for adventurers and sports lovers. The islands offer numerous water activities to their visitors including Water skiing, Jet skiing, Windsurfing, Water surfing, Snorkeling, Sailing, Fishing and Parasailing.

However in some places, you can also visit some interesting sites like the National Museum or wander around the famous Sultan Park which is located near the museum. You can also check out the Hukuru Miski, which is one of the oldest mosques in the area.

Yacht charterers can also enjoy some good shopping at the Singapore Bazaar, which hosts a large collection of stores selling the local Maldivian products and some imported items.

You can also sail towards some of the most famous surrounding islands like Komandoo Island which is renowned for its attractive white sandy banks, pleasant warm water and beautiful turquoise lagoon. There is also the Kuredu Island, famous for its abundant fish life where you can have a good catch.

You can also sail towards the Cocoa palm island and enjoy some excellent water sports like the famous lagoon diving, scuba diving or enjoy a day out on a catamaran. The Meeru Island, Rangali Island and Makunudu Island are also worth seeing.

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