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Comoros Yacht Charter Information

Located in the strategic position at the northern end of the Mozambique channel, the archipelago of the Comoros Islands arose from the surrounding seabeds of the Indian Ocean due to volcanic activity.

The islands Ngazija, Mwali, Mzwani and Maore, have distinct tropical characteristics due to their different ages.

Maore, the oldest of the islands is eroded with slow winding streams and green lush plant life.

Ngazija, the youngest of the islands is dominated by a massive active volcano.

The other two islands are very mountainous but have no active volcanoes.

The mountainous islands are spilling with diverse scenery and exotic plants. They are also home to some of the most rare species of animals unique to the Comoros.

The most interesting being the Ngazijas flying fox. This is a fruit bat which glides on wings which span over 4 feet. It is mostly found in the forests of Nzwani and Mwali along with many more interesting species of animal.

As a yacht charter you may be as lucky as to see the Coelacanth, which is a species of fish that was thought to be a fossil fish long extinct, but was found living some years later and is seen rarely by visitors. The local people deem this fish as good luck if it is seen.

The island of Moheli is the best place for hiking and sighting of rare, beautiful birds. The arrange of colours of plants seen along the walking paths are breath taking and the island is rich with bird life.

The island really gives visitors a chance to experience the natural beauty of Comoros.

The town of Foumboui has amazing white buildings along the coast of Grande Comore. The town is well known for its pottery and woodworking artists. Scuba Diving off the coast of the islands is quite a treat. The waters here are warm and inviting.

The marine life is abundant with Giant whales, Sailfish, Sunfish, Manta rays and many species of sharks.


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