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Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi Yacht Charter Information

Abu Dhabi is both the capital and Federal capital of the United Arab Emirates and is the second largest of the seven emirates.

This second most popular city of the UAE lies on a T-shaped island with its futuristic skyscrapers rising from the desert coast of the Persian Gulf.

Abu Dhabi comprises of international luxurious hotels, never-ending shopping malls, extensive entertainment and leisure facilities, along beautiful green streets.

It is known as the most important cultural city in the UAE, attracting many visitors to its established Cultural Foundation centre, which is responsible for hosting various art exhibitions and musical performances from all over the globe.

Abu Dhabi is considered a very safe city and crime rate is very low. For many years this spectacular place was a major hub for the pearl industry before it had discovered its rich reserve of oil.

This city falls under a sub-tropical climate zone, which normally experiences hot and warm temperatures all round the year. Bright and clear sunlight throughout the year is famous for sand, seawater surfing. The summer season is quite hot with extreme high temperatures so it is advisable to stay indoors especially during the mid-day.

A wide range of indoor activities and fully air-conditioned facilities are available in hotels so that tourist can relax and enjoy their vacations. The best time to travel is from the month of November to February as temperatures are not so high and many festivals are held along with many amazing outdoor activities.

Abu Dhabi Heritage village is designed as a living museum offering a glimpse into the country’s past. It exhibits Bedouin tradition and lifestyle detailing a variety of local traditions, as well as those of other cultures employed in agriculture, fishing and trading.

The site features tents, courtyard houses, an ancient irrigation system and workshops where craftsmen ply their trades.

Sir Bani Yas Island is also a must see for yacht charters who are visiting Abu Dhabi

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