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Dubai & UAE

Dubai & UAE Yacht Charter Information

Yacht Charter vacations give you an unprecedented opportunity to enjoy spectacular scenery, top service, and unmatched freedom to explore exotic coastlines and ports, all in incomparable style and comfort.

When thinking of the United Arab Emirates, an endless desert and a goldmine of oil fields comes to mind.

However it has much more to offer. The Emirate has gorgeous oceans, amazing marine life and a booming city which offers everything and a little more. With an idyllic climate of constantly hot and sunny days, the United Arab Emirates is every yacht charters dream destination.

Cruise along the famous Creek in style, sail to some of Dubai most beautiful hotel sites as well as the ongoing World Islands project, or simply opt for a refreshing swim or some fishing off your chartered yacht.

See the world’s tallest tower, Burj Khalifa and Hydropolis, the worlds first underwater hotel is definitely worth a visit. Dubai has a myriad of outdoor activities, whether camel or horse racing, fishing or playing a round of golf, you will be constantly entertained.

Abu Dhabi is increasingly asserting itself as a luxury yacht charter and business destination as well as a cultural centre in the region. Its outlying islands make it a popular sailing destination.

Unknown to most the Abu Dhabi is an archipelagos of nearly 200 islands that are strewn along its coast. Island-hopping is a popular pastime among vacationers on chartered yachts.

Yas Island is the emirate sports and leisure centre. It is only about 30 minutes away from Abu Dhabi and is the home of the Ferrari Theme Park, a Formula One circuit, a water park and several golf courses, polo fields, equestrian centre and high-end hotels.

With a rich marine ecosystem and towering mangroves, Bu Tinah is home to a number of rare species, including the endangered hawksbill sea turtle, over 800 dugongs and the occasional Indo-Pacific humpback dolphin.

Sail along the spectacular Dubai coastline and out into the Arabian Gulf. As you reach the top of Jumeirah Palm Island you see the spectacular view of The Atlantis.

On the other side of the palm there is the beautiful view of the world famous Burj Al Arab Hotel and then come across the amazing offshore islands which are created in the image of The World.

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