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Nassau Yacht Charter Information

Nassau is the capital, largest city, and commercial center of the Commonwealth of The Bahamas. Lynden Pindling International Airport which is the major airport for The Bahamas is located about 16 kilometres west of Nassau city.

Nassau has an attractive harbour, a colorful blend of old world and colonial architecture and a busy port. The tropical climate and natural beauty of the Bahamas has made Nassau a popular tourist destination.

The city proximity to the United States has contributed to its popularity as a holiday resort, especially after the banning of American travel to Cuba.

Cable Beach is recognized as the hotel district of Nassau. The area is also known for its dining options, the Crystal Palace Casino, and the golden sands of Cable Beach itself.

Most of the area restaurants are located either in the hotels or across the street. There is a bit of shopping and most of it is located in the Wyndham.

Downtown is the hub for all activities in Nassau. It starts at West Bay, around the Junkanoo Beach area and a few hotels and restaurants are located on West Bay.

You can have famous historical landmarks that are also in the vicinity, including Vendue House and the Christ Church Cathedral.

You can find more local stores on the way down Bay Street. Both Bain Town and Grant Town are part of the Over-the-Hill Community in Nassau.

There are more options for nightlife in Nassau and Paradise Island than there are hours in the day to experience them all. You can scoot around the island on a rented motor scooter, rental car or bicycle.

The stores on Bay Street are flanked by picturesque, pastel pink-colored Colonial-style Government buildings including the Houses of Parliament, the old Colonial Secretary Office and the Supreme Court Nassau is the ideal place to begin and end your yacht charter vacation in the Bahamas.

You and your guests can board your charter yacht at the marina at the world famous Atlantis Resort on Paradise Island.

Before your charter yacht takes you to the more remote out islands, you can spend some time enjoying the high life in Nassau.

Your charter yacht crew can take you on a tour of the harbor in the tender. You can walk along a secluded beach or snorkel on the reefs at nearby Rose Island.

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