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Martinique Yacht Charter Information

An exotic version of France, Martinique, is an island which is located in the East of the Caribbean Sea between Dominica to the North and Saint Lucia to the South.Like Guadeloupe, it is another overseas department of France.

Martinique does not only boast its French influence in its culture, it is also shaped by the African, West Indian and Creole traditions. As part of the Lesser Antilles, Martinique is a major tourist and also a renowned yacht charter destination which is a major activity in this part of the Caribbean.

Many visitors come in the region and stick at the famous Presqu’ile de Caravelle in the morning and make their way back to Fort de France to enjoy the harbor side capitals budding nightlife.

The charm of Martinique is hard to deny. It features a wonderfully sophisticated French culture together with some fantastic beaches scattered over its coasts. Its coastline is like no other country in this particular part of the Caribbean Sea.

On some of its shores, yacht charterers will find dazzling sands that shimmer like diamonds in the hot Caribbean sun, on the next coastline, they may find charcoal colored sands.

As most visitors come for the white-sand beaches, they stick in the southern shores and the most famous beaches are Cap Chevalier or Plage des Salines which is located near Ste Anne.

Sailing is held in a high regard on the island of Martinique, yacht charterers will find numerous ports all along its coasts. The most famous ports are located at Fort-de-France at Le Marin which is the main harbor of the island, Ste Anne and Saint-Pierre.

Fort-de-France is an ideal place to start a yacht charter vacation around the island. The charming capital was built in such a way that the entire town overlooks its magnificent marina. You can sail up the coast towards the historic town of St Pierre. Sailing further, you will explore the stunning coves at Les Anses-D’Arlets.

During your sailing route, you will also have the opportunity to sail under the shadow of the towering fortress of the famous Diamond Rock, the Caribbean Gibraltar which rises about 600ft from the sea level. You will also have the occasion to enjoy the 2 miles of perfect sand on the southern beach of Grand Anse des Salines

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