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Bermuda Yacht Charter Information

Bermuda in the Caribbean sea has some islands most of which enclose the sea and the surrounding coasts. However it is important to know that Bermuda is not really located within the Caribbean region, it is rather located off the coast of South Carolina in the United States.

In fact it is a hook-shaped collection of atolls which are linked by causeways and bridges that make a 22 mile-long island. Bermuda is composed of a land-mass of only 21 Sq miles and is considered as one of the smallest territories in the World.

Most of the tourists visit the island for its coral pink beaches and to enjoy its perfect sub-tropical climate. Bermuda is also a renowned yacht charter destination and its new docks at the Point Pleasant marina have made it even more enticing for sailors and visitors alike.

It is an important stopover spot for boats and yachts which leave the Caribbean particular around April and May and for many boats which sail towards the Caribbean in the fall.

Bermuda has an important traffic in the region; it boasts over 1000 yachts every year and is also a popular base or stop after the numerous yachts races which are held in the area.

For yacht charterers who wish to visit the island and to enjoy its unique culture and history, it is highly recommended to start their journey at the northeastern tip where there is the town of St Georges. The town is sheltered by the castle Harbor with St David’s lighthouse and the L.F Wade international airport nearby. It is not a surprise that this town has been added as part of the UNESCO’s World Heritage list since 2000.

While sailing around in an anti-clockwise direction, yacht charterers will discover the famous Hamilton, which is also the beautiful capital city of the island. It is really a spot which is worth a visit during a yacht charter trip in the area. A stroll round the waterfront, you will discover a perfect Replica of the famous London Cenotaph as its centre.

There is also the home of Bermuda’s current parliament house called the Grand Sessions House nearby. By passing by the Anglican Cathedral and the white-fronted City Hall and Arts Centre, the road will take you back to the harbor.

However a tour on the island may not be complete without sailing to the Great Sound to view the Royal Naval Dockyard and “Sandys” or the western tip of the island. Parts of The Naval dockyard are composed of the fortress and crumbling Victorian warehouses, incorporated and on exhibition in the Bermuda Maritime Museum.

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