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Barbados Yacht Charter Information

Barbados is an island located in the outer Windward Islands of the Lesser Antilles. The region where the island is located in the Caribbean Sea is outside the principal Atlantic Hurricane belt.

Barbados prides itself for being a friendly and cosmopolitan country and has successfully held the World Championship in December 2006 and also the Cricket World cup super 8 matches in 2007.

Barbados is known as a land of contrasts, as the island’s unique charm is divided between the Old World which happily coexists with the New. The contrasts exist in every single characteristic of the island, its agglomeration and even its geography. There are marble offices which stand next to the brightly painted rum shops, satellite dishes festoon traditional wooden chattel houses and high-tech SUVs drive along the donkey carts.

It is also a major yacht charter destination in the region, as it is bordered by the calm waters of the Caribbean Sea to the West and by the tumultuous Atlantic Ocean on the East. For a yacht charterer, moving from one coast to another is already an unforgettable experience with breath-taking scenery everywhere.

During a visit in the area you will see there is a large choice when it comes to the mooring facilities, which have been greatly improved since the cruiser liners started to use the port for their island hopping schedules.

Most of the centre of activity for berthing has always been around the so-called Careenage marina which is also one of the oldest cities in the Caribbean. You will have the occasion to stroll along Bridgetown which is also the best start from the Careenage and by walking a little way up the Broad Street to see the famous Parliament Buildings.

For yacht charterers who have the intention to circumnavigate the island, it is worth noting that the North and the East coasts have a brunt of the Atlantic waves but their beaches are still very good for walking and doing some water sports like windsurfing or bodysurfing.

The West coast is also very interesting to discover especially the Platinum coast since it hosts the clearest and warmest waters of the Caribbean. The South coast is blessed with two bays, Carlisle Bay and Oistin Bay with Bridgetown as its epi-centre.

During a yacht charter trip in the area, you will surely find out that Barbados hosts two main ports of entry; the Bridgetown Harbor and the Port St Charles. It is important to keep in mind that in Barbados, the customs abide to some unusual rules; all the yacht have to leave custom at the same port that they entered. Moreover, a cruising permit is required and a planned intinerary submitted to the authorities.

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