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Carribean Yacht Charter Information

The Caribbean is a hot spot for yacht charters and is considered the king of yacht charter vacations. This is because this location is made up of ocean and islands and a yacht charter is the perfect way to explore this naturally wonderful area. It is an ocean laden with treasures, from tiny beach coral atolls to substantial mountainous islands exuding rich and colorful cultures.

Since the days of pirates the Caribbean has been host to some of the most luxurious sailing around. In a relatively small area so you have an incredible amount of choice. There is the spectacular white powder beaches, the lush tropical rainforest, the cloud-fringed mountain peaks and an exotic birdlife. The water is also ideal for diving and snorkeling to explore the beautiful marine life. There is a serene blend of European sophistication and a warm Caribbean hospitality.

The best time to charter your yacht to the Caribbean is from Mid December to Mid May. However, mild temperatures, warm water and perfect breezes make the Caribbean a great destination for yacht charters year around. There are amazing sailing grounds. Popular places to visit on a yacht charter include the Antigua, St Barts, Anguilla, St Martin, the British Virgin Islands, The US Virgin Islands and the Grenadines among others. There is nowhere better than the Virgin Islands in the Caribbean: it is one of the finest and safest sailing areas in the world. The British Virgin Islands are a group of small and mostly uninhabited islands. The waters are superb for swimming, snorkelling, diving and sailing your chartered yacht. Most of the islands have a volcanic origin which gives character to the terrain.

The Caribbean truly is a world apart with pristine white sand beaches, turquoise waters, soaring mountains and lush rainforests. There is an amazing underwater world just waiting to be explored! Dive off your yacht into crystal clear water. People wishing to snorkel and dive are able to see clearly to the very bottom for an enthralling encounter of the aquatic life. Fascinating drops, outcrops, reefs and wrecks are alive with mesmerizing marine life.

Cuba, the largest of the Caribbean islands, incorporates a fascinating blend of colonial history with a diverse combination of Latin American, Spanish and African cultures. On your yacht charter you will discover spotless white sandy beaches, coconut palms and an underwater world that is home to five hundred species of fish and fifty different coral types surround this exciting island.

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