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Stockholm Yacht Charter Information

Stockholm is the capital of Sweden, one of the most beautiful cities on Northern Europe. The city is built across 14 islands and is often called the Venice of the North. Stockholm is situated just at the point where the vast Lake Mälaren flows into the Baltic Sea. In Stockholm, there is approximately 40% of the city which is comprised of land or islands and another 30% is comprised of waterways and the remainder is occupied by green spaces and parks.

There are 14 islands in the central part of the city and the city has also been awarded as the European Green Capital in 2009. As water covers one third of the city area the maritime life is an important aspect in Stockholm. There are numerous bridges, marinas and locks scattered in the area and the climate is conditions by the sea winds and even during the warmest summer days are contingent upon the sea breezes which find their way to the city streets.

Stockholm is a major yacht charter destination in Sweden and offers an excellent cruising ground. It is also a vibrant and modern city and is famous for its products of sleek designs, edgy fashion and world-class nightclubs. The Old town of Gamla Stan which is well-known for its compact little maze of cobblestone streets was apparently built for small, thin people with very sturdy ankles. There is another beautiful island in the South of Gamla Stan called Södermalm, which is renowned for its high waterfront hills are graced by some lovely old residences and the main drags are lined with numerous bohemian shops, art galleries and rollicking clubs. However Stockholm pride and joy lies with its 24,000 islands that make the archipelago called skärgård.

While yacht chartering in the waters of Stockholm, you will see that the city has enough sights and attractions that will surely keep you busy for more than a couple of weeks in the area. Stockholm is also a wonderful place to discover and enjoy architecture in the Northern Europe.

Stockholm is blessed with 18 hours of daylight in the midsummer seasons and it is actually in this period of the year that the winds are good for sailing. The best time to charter a yacht in the area is from Mid May to Mid September. There are several charter bases in and around the city and those which are located in the town itself are called Lidingö, Nyköping, Saltsjöbaden and Svinninge. The city is also interconnected with over 50 bridges and the surrounding water is so clean in the area that the salmons thrive in the middle of the town. During a yacht charter trip in the area, you will have the unique opportunity to visit the 14 islands and also the famous Skerry Garden which is completely unknown outside of Sweden and is one of the World’s largest archipelagos.

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