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Poland Yacht Charter Information

Poland is a country which lies in the centre of Europe and is one of the most beautiful and unspoilt countries in the world. It is bordered in the North by the Baltic Sea and Russia, by Germany to the West and the Czech Republic and Slovakia to the South. Due to its location in the centre of the Baltic Sea, Poland has always been the contact point between the cultures of East and the West in the region. It is a hospitable and friendly country dotted with countless historical sites, a picturesque landscape, very clean environment and outstanding natural riches.

Poland is a major destination for nature lovers and the clear waters of the Great Masurian lakes have always proved to be irresistible to sailors and kayakers. It is also a renowned yacht charter destination, its coastline is dotted with the long sandy beaches of the Baltic coast provide ample opportunity for summer seaside sejourns and offers a perfect cruising ground for sailors.

While yacht chartering in the waters of Poland, you will see that most of the attractions in the country are constituted from its rich history. The Polish history is reflected both in the numerous majestic castles and the various polish palaces and the beautiful historical sites such Krakow, Paczhow, Zamosc, Wroclaw and Torun and also by the wide variety of natural landscapes, parks and protected areas. There are 13 Poland sites that have been inscribed in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Kolobrweg which is rather large and fashionable and Leba which is renowned for its white sand. You will also have the opportunity to have some excellent shopping in Warsaw, the capital city and Krakow, where you will find a large variety of the traditional arts and crafts which are also the main things to shop when visiting Poland.

The Aquatic sports and sailing is of utmost important in Poland, the Polish Baltic coast which stretches for over 310 miles is considered as a perfect cruising ground for sailors. Adding to this, there are also several extremely well-equipped marinas along the coastal area and there are many popular harbors and marinas scattered in the area. Among the most popular harbors are Gdansk and the Marina Gdyna, Port Jachtowy Hela, Jachtowy Leba, Port Ustka and Wladyslawowo. The Polish Baltic Sea Coast is also the best starting point to have a yacht charter trip to Bornholm.


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