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Lithuania Yacht Charter Information

Lithuania is a country located in the Northern Europe and is the southernmost most of the 3 main Baltic States. It is situated right along the southeastern shore of the Baltic Sea and is bordered by Latvia to the North, Belarus to the southeast, and Poland and Russia to the southwest. Lithuania is often described as a rebellious, quirky and vibrant country and as Europe’s best kept secret.

Its raw pagan roots fuse with the Catholic fervor and the polish inheritance that once set apart from its Baltic brother has created a land where the Catholics and the Orthodox mingle happily together. The capital and the largest city in Lithuania is Vilnius. The town is dotted with some astonishing contrasts, shadowy courtyards, some eccentric artist community, awesome arts and beautiful baroque. The natural treasures of Lithuania is its forest, lakes, the magical Curonian Spit in the western of the country and the oddities of the Hill of crosses and the Soviet sculpture park add more flavor to the place than nowhere else.

Lithuania is considered as a renowned yacht charter destination in the Baltic Sea. Most sailors visit the area for its wonderful coastline that boasts some peaceful and tranquil areas full of nature, especially the reserve of Nida. During a visit in the area, you can taste a sample of the vibrant lifestyle of the cosmopolitan town of Palanga which is dotted with numerous pristine beaches, some pedestrian promenades and a wide variety of activities available. For yacht charterers, it is particularly recommended to visit the Amber museum, the sea world and explore the sea defenses of the area. You will also have the opportunity to explore the treasures of the city of Vilnius, the old town is fully restored and you can stroll along its cobbled roads to view numerous different buildings, museums and shops.

During your yacht charter trip in the area you will surely come across the 3rd biggest city in Lithuania, Klaipeda, which also host the most important port and is the only gateway to explore the Baltic Sea. Klaipeda had a long history, starting as a fishing village of the ancient Balts and has experienced the arrival of the Germans Crusaders during the 13th century. From Klaipeda, you can sail to Palanga which is the most popular Lithuanian sea resort, where you will find some beautiful long white sandy beaches, backed by dunes and pine woods. Sailing further to the West, you will reach Priekule which is a small town founded in the 16th century.

You will also have the chance to visit the famous Curunian Spit which was declared as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is a natural wonder with fishermen’s settlements and resorts, golden dunes, ethnographic architecture monuments and the summerhouse of Thomas Mann. You can explore the Curunian lagoon and the Baltic Sea. The Curunian Spit is a fantastic holiday site where you will find some sweet scent of pines, water and ozone. Formed some 6000 years ago as sand accumulated in shallow waters near the coast, it is an extremely romantic area today with its fishing villages developed as resorts.

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