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Latvia Yacht Charter Information

Latvia is a country located in the heart of the Baltic region of Northern Europe and is bordered to the North by Estonia, to the South by Lithuania, and to the East by Russia. It is considered as a small country on the Baltic Sea with ancient history and traditions. Latvia is a country with constant transition, it has preserved for long an old-soviet image, but today it is becoming a vibrant, enigmatic and mesmerizing country. Latvia in its own way manages to tantalize even the most reticent traveler.

Latvia is also a renowned yacht charter destination in the Baltic Sea. Its coastline stretches for some 500km and its characters varies greatly from one coast to another. On the one hand, there are some major seaports in Riga, Liepaja and Ventspils , while contrasts is provided by numerous small picturesque fishing villages and with extensively wide white sandy beaches, dunes and various unusual rock formations.

The area is also dotted with many tourists sights and for those who want to enjoy nature in its entire splendor, there is not only the serene Gulf of Riga or the open Baltic Sea, but there are also various nature parks, fast rivers and lakes with some beautiful forests on its shores. It is particularly recommended to visit the Old Riga, where there are a great number of fabulous architectural monuments and beautiful churches both ancient and modern and also a wide variety of night clubs and pubs. There is also the possibility to enjoy the various traditional Latvian celebrations, the different cultural events and the numerous entertaining programs throughout the year.

Yacht chartering in the waters of Latvia normally include a visit to the Gulf of Riga which is located closely to the capital city itself on the coast of the Gulf. The Gulf of Riga offers an excellent cruising ground for sailors as it is protected by the Baltic Sea because of the island of Saaremaa. The gulf itself is divided partially between Latvia and Estonia. You can sail your yacht to the Gulf of Riga Beach which is located on the Latvia side, where you will find many locals and tourists alike. The Jurmala Beach is also a major yacht charter destination in the area. Jurmala is a renowned for its white sandy beaches which are bordered with pine forests, traditional spas and sanatoriums which complete the recreational draw of the area. You will have the opportunity to visit other beaches like Majori and Bulduri and yacht charterers can also enjoy some kite-surfing on Pumpuri beach and if they have enough time, they can also enjoy some trekking and biking around the area.


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