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Taalintehdas Yacht Charter Information

Taalintehdas is a city located on the island of Kimitoön which is the largest island in the Finnish Baltic Sea. Also known as Dalsbruk, Taalintehdas is situated at about 30 miles to the southwest of Turku and is the main populated centre of the region of region of Dragsfjärd in the eastern part of the Finnish Archipelago. Taalintehdas is a renowned yacht charter destination in Finland and its strategic location in the heart of the Finnish archipelago provides some excellent sailing areas with numerous natural harbors and some well-equipped guest harbors. Taalintehdas is a renowned yacht charter destination in Dalsbruk. The area offers excellent cruising grounds for the sailors to explore many of the surrounding islands and discover some interesting places. Taalintehdas is considered as an ideal starting point for a yacht charter trip towards further destinations like some interesting islands in the area. You sail towards Kasnäs which is located in between the islands to the North of Biskopsö.

The area is quite narrow and in many places the nature is quite spectacular. There are also many hotels, terraces houses and numerous restaurants in the area especially in Kasnäs Paviljong. The marina of Kasnäs offers most of the services for yachts including fresh water and electricity on the quay. Continuing your route, you can take the Olympic fairway westaward and sail further away towards the southwest where you will find many interesting places between Yxskär and Borstö where you can moor. You will have the opportunity to visit the island of Yxskär and Borstö which are dotted with some beautiful coastline and you can also enjoy some nature paths in the area if you have enough time. Jurmo is a very popular island and is a famous yacht charter destination in the area. It is a sandy island with an extension of the Salpausselkä ridge which crosses southern Finland. During a visit in the area, you will find numerous small sandbanks and the stones which are covered with juniper and heather. The island is dotted with numerous alder bushes and also hosts numerous pine forests. There is no other larger vegetation which exists in the area to keep the sea winds from blowing freely over Jurmo. You can also visit its famous windmill and also a chapel which dates back till the mid 1800’s. Sailing further, on the northbound sea route towards Aspö, you will have the opportunity to sail around Flatö Island and anchor your yacht at the Aspö harbor.

Heading to the North, you can past Sälstenen to the old Utö sea route. You can also sail towards the high Grissleborg islet and turn on port on the 5 m sea route in order to arrive to the Korpoström Guest harbor, where you can stock up some provisions. The Korpoström guest harbor is a functional service entirety and also has a restaurant. Korpoström is an important junction where the road ends and the seaway begins. If you have enough time, you can visit the area and take to bus to visit Turku. You can continue your yacht charter trip along the strait of Korpoström, where you will find Brännskär/Byskär, and turn to the southeast and continue along the sea route between Gråsö and Birsskär to Stenskär. You will find some good anchorage at the small village harbor or on the visitors berth which lies just behind the island ferry quay or if you prefer you can anchor your yacht on the remote floating pontoon jetty on the Northern beach of Birsskär. At the small fishing village, you can buy some fresh fish or enjoy the nature path in Stenskär for a lovely evening walk. Sailing further, you will discover Högsåra, which is an idyllic village dotted with numerous sheltered harbors and a beautiful nature. You can visit the famous Farmors Café, or explore the island by bike or on foot and visit the numerous historical museums nearby. Högsåra is renowned in the area to have an interesting history and has been visited by kings, tsars, presidents, famous artists and writers throughout centuries.

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