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Finland Yacht Charter Information

Finland is a Nordic country located in the Fennoscandian region of the Northern Europe. It is bordered by Sweden on the West, Norway on the North and Russia on the East, while Estonia lies to the South across the Gulf of Finland. Finland is often described by most travelers like a quiet land where the ramshackle cottages, lakes and the properly heat treated sauna is all that is required for happyness.

Finland experiences a golden and sunny season and it is also the time when most of the towns are buzzling with an explosion of festivals, good cheer and optimism. Most of the visitors coming in the area are surprised of how such a far North Country could experience such a wonderful summer. During the summer seasons, you can visit the Lakelands of Lappeenranta and Mikkeli or sit on a veranda of the waterside of a wooden cottage and watch the summer sun shining low over the trees. Also during the summer months which are also called as the midnight sun, most of the coastal regions of Finland become a sailing and fishing paradise.

While visiting Finland, you will find out that most of the Finnish towns have much to offer to their visitors and yacht charterers alike. During the summer months on the coastal regions you can explore the Turku archipelago and the Åland Islands which are considered by most visitors as a sailing and fishing paradise.

Chartering yachts in Finland is normally done in summer when the waters are blue and when there are deep green woods and widespread meadows on the countless islands and islets in between the rocky cliffs, the pristine villages and small jetties. Most of the coastal regions are well-equipped with yacht harbors and are considered as wonders of the Northern Baltic Sea. There are over 1000 islands which belong to the Finland territory and most of them are dotted with long and beautiful narrow bays. The inland of the islands are rich with their luxuriant vegetations and their spectacular rocky cliffs.

During a yacht charter vacation in Finland, you will have the unique opportunity to visit the best known and also the largest of the Finnish archipelagoes which are the Åland Islands and the Archipelago Sea of Turku. The Åland Islands form part of the autonomic province of Finland and are located between the mainland and Sweden just on the entry to the Gulf of Bothnia. It is a perfect cruising ground for sailors and encompasses over 6500 island and cliffs.

While sailing on the Gulf of Finland, you will discover the Archipelago Sea of Turku which hosts over 2000 islands, where the islands of Airisto and Taalintehdas are located on the southeast coast of Finland. For yacht charterers who wish to explore the Aland archipelago more thoroughly , they can also charter their yachts directly from Mariehamn and it is particularly recommended to visit the island of Gullkrona which lies between Turku and Aland which is deemed to be worth seeing.

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