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Estonia Yacht Charter Information

Estonia is a country in the Northern Europe, it lies on the north-eastern edge of the European Union, and is bordered to the West by the Baltic Sea, to the South by Latvia and Finland and to the East by Russia. Tallinn is the country’s capital city and lies at about 80km to the South of Helsinki, across the Gulf of Finland. Although it is the smallest Baltic countries, Estonia makes its presence felt in the region with its beautiful seaside towns, numerous quaint country villages and its verdant forest and marshlands. Estonia is also known for its magnificent castles, numerous pristine islands and its cosmopolitan capital amid its medieval splendors.

Estonia is a renowned yacht charter destination in the Baltic Sea and offers over 3700 km of coastlines, numerous beautiful bays, straits, inlets and more than over 1500 islands to explore. It is no doubt a sailors paradise and its climate also contribute to make it a perfect cruising ground.

In 1980, the Olympic Sailing competition was held in Tallinn. Tallinn is the crown jewel of Estonia and is also the ancient seacoast capital which exudes a sense of romantic history, and is one of the most completely preserved medieval cities in Europe. The city is also among the gems of the UNESCO World Heritage list and is a renowned destination that is discovered by visitors around the world.

During your yacht charter trip, you will have the opportunity to visit the 1500 islands of Estonia. You can sail towards Saaremaa, which is the largest island, which host an intact and well restored medieval castle in its only city, Kuressaare. You will also have the opportunity to explore Hiiumaa which is the second largest island and which was formed as a result of a meteor exposition.

Sailing further, you will discover Kihnu where you will discover life in another way. The women in the area guard the cultural heritage whilst the men go off to sea and fish. You can also visit Ruhnu which is the most southern island and which is closer to Latvia than its mainland Estonia, and also have the opportunity to visit Muhu, a traditional sleepy fishing village. There is also the famous Vormsi islands which is also known as the Snake Island and many more.

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