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Wallis and Futuna

Wallis and Futuna Yacht Charter Information

The islands of Wallis & Futuna is a French Overseas community located in the southwest Pacific Ocean. It lies to the West of the Samos islands and to the northeast of the Fiji islands. The French territory is made up of 2 distinct groups of volcanic islands (Wallis and Home) which are about 230km from each other.

The Wallis island group consists of Wallis and some islets in its lagoon, while the Home island group consists of the islands of Futuna and of Alofi. Wallis has its ancestral connection with Tonga while Futuna traces its roots to Samoa.

Wallis and Futuna are like 2 forgotten specks in this particular area of the South Pacific. The capital city of Wallis & Futuna is called Mata Utu and lies on Wallis where the interior of the islands is rather hilly where the highest peak of the area is Mt Lulu Fakahega.

Wallis is surrounded by a coral reef dotted with numerous sand islets (called Motu). It is renowned for its numerous Pandanus trees and for its abundance of seafood and colorful fishes in its large lagoon. Futuna on the hand, it a predominantly mountainous island, and is dotted with some beautiful beaches on its East coast and some volcanoes which lie on the centre of the island. Alofi Island is also of volcanic origins and hosts the Mt Kolafau.

Wallis & Futuna are popular yacht charter destination in the South Pacific and is an excellent cruising ground for sailors and give them the opportunity to visit the other outer islands.

During a visit on Wallis, you will find that its volcanic origins are found in its beautiful crater lakes. You will have the opportunity to visit Lalolalo, Kikila and Lanutavake Lakes which offer some spectacular scenery. You can also visit Gahi Bay where the American landed and may be take a ride to Motus, where you will find some magnificent white-sand beaches.

Futuna Island offers a quiet escape into the traditional culture of the area. During a visit in the area, you will have the unique opportunity to indulge in the local Polynesian culture. You will also have the chance to participate in the famous ceremonial Kava drinking or just relax on one of the numerous white sand beaches. It is also highly recommended to visit the famous Sanctuary of St Pierre Chanel or if you have enough time, you can charter your yacht towards Futuna’s inhabited sister island, Alofi.

The location of Wallis & Futuna in this part of the South Pacific is a perfect place to charter a yacht. TIt is a wonderful combination of adventure and relaxation. The sailing route offers many possibilities, however by making Wallis & Futuna as a starting point, it is possible to sail towards the famous Kingdom of Tonga and set anchor at Niuafo’ou. You can sail further towards Vava’u islands and visit Neiafu. You can also sail further towards Palmerson.


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