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Vanuatu Yacht Charter Information

Vanuatu is an archipelago located in the Pacific Ocean at about 1750km to the East of Australia, 500km the northeast of New Caledonia, to the west of Fiji and the South of the Solomon Islands.

Most of the islands in the archipelago are of volcanic origin and the area is mountainous and have a sub tropical climate. The largest cosmopolitan city is Port Vila and it is located on Éfaté and Luganville on the island of Espiritu-Santo. Vanuatu is also dotted with some active volcanoes including Yasur, located on the island of Tanna.

The coastline is surrounded by a magic sea of aqua and dark blues with a fascinating underwater world of colourful tropical fishes that live amongst the magnificent coral reef formations. Vanuatu is a renowned yacht charter destination in the South Pacific and considered as an excellent cruising ground for sailors to explore all the magnificent islands.

During a visit in the area, you can visit the well-known active volcano on the island of Tanna which looks like a giant banyan tree with the size of a soccer field.

Most of the visitors who come to Vanuatu are especially drawn by its fantastic diving opportunities.

You will have the occasion to abseil down the numerous waterfalls, parasail over the glorious harbour of the city, zap out of a cave of stalactites through a ravine on a blow-up float-ring or sail further to spend a night on a tiny offshore island.

Yacht chartering in the waters of Vanuatu is considered as a perfect sailing holiday opportunity for most sailors. They will have the unique occasion to drift through the mysterious and romantic islands. Each of the islands has a unique tropical shore and most of them are dotted with completely unspoilt beaches.

Most of the yacht charter itineraries start on the islands of Espiritu Santo whose majestic beauty has remained unchanged for centuries. You can anchor your yacht overnight at Aore Island which is a great location for both fishing and diving. There are a number of sea-wrecks close by, all of which are well worth exploring.

You can sail further forward towards the Aese Island which is a picturesque island with powdery white-sand beaches. Continuing your route, you can visit the famous Champagne beach which is located near Hog Harbor. It is well known for its pristine white sands and is considered to be one of the best beaches in the entire Pacific.

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