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Tuvalu Yacht Charter Information

Tuvalu is a Polynesian island nation which lies in the Pacific Ocean, halfway between Hawaii and Australia.

The archipelago consists of 6 true Atolls and 3 reef islands, the true Atolls include: the Funafuti, the Nanumea, the Nui, the Nukefetau and the Nukulaelae.

The Nanaumaga, Niulakita and Niutao are single islands. The remaining Atolls have small water ponds, in the exception of Nanumea that has a fresh water pond, which is quite unusual for an Atoll.

The Tuvalu archipelago was formerly known as the Ellice Islands and in a stunning approach from the air, the tiny islets of Tuvalu archipelago looks like a mirage in the vastness of the Pacific Ocean.

The islands are barely higher than the surrounding ocean and most of the outlaying islands can be visited by private yachts from the harbor of the capital city of the island of Funafuti.

The archipelago is considered as one of the last unspoiled paradise in the South Pacific and the region is dotted with an abundance of tropical scenery, with numerous beaches, lagoons and palm coconut trees.

The traditional way of life of the inhabitants on the more remote islands remains untouched by the modern world, and to the visitors, it is the best spot to get away from the hustle and bustles of other destinations.

During a visit in the area, you will have the opportunity to sit on the finely-woven mats in a Maneapa (an open-air meeting house) and feast on all the local delicacies as the intense traditional drumming begins.

You will see the dancers in their red and black pandanus skirts performing the welcoming dances that are some of the finest in the South Pacific.

In the afternoon, when the heat of the sun more bearable, you can enjoy some snorkeling or diving by exploring the coral pinnacles in the calm surrounding lagoon waters.

The area is renowned for its Staghorn corals, its numerous beautiful coral gardens that host a myriad species of fishes.

Nature lovers can walk on the sandy islets to spot the turnstones and the reef herons which are among the most famous birds in the area.


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