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Tonga Yacht Charter Information

Tonga is an archipelago located in the South Pacific Ocean and lies in the South of Samoa and at about one third of the way from New Zealand and Hawaii. The Kingdom of Tonga consists of 170 low coral islands and only 37 of them are inhabited.

It is a renowned tourist destination in the South Pacific and also a perfect yacht charter destination. Many sailors consider that Tonga has the best cruising ground in the area. It offers some deep channel waterways, numerous protected bays and some spectacular snorkelling and diving opportunities for most of the visitors.

Even though the trade winds in the area are fairly predictable, there is enough line-of-sight sailing and there are more than 50 anchorages which are within easy-reach during a day sail on the calm waters. The sailing conditions are calm and even an amateur yacht charterer will appreciate Tonga which is one of the World’s premier yet un-crowded sailing destinations.

During a visit in the area, you can visit the most famous resorts in the area like the Ha’apai island group which offer some spectacular deserted beaches, vibrant reefs and only a few other tourists. If you want to enjoy all the fun in the water, it is particularly recommended to visit the Vava’u Island or the Eua where you will have a large and varied choice between sea kayaking, fishing, surfing, snorkeling or diving.

During a visit in the area, you will also have the opportunity to visit the capital city of Tonga which is called Nuku’alofa. You can also visit the islands of Tongatapu and visit some other interesting sites like the Anahulu Cave, the famous Keleti Beach or the archaeological ruins.

Chartering a yacht in the beautiful waters of Tonga is relatively effortless. The sailing season in the area generally starts in April and runs through October or November before the Hurricane period arrive. The best places to start your yacht charter journey in Tonga are at Ha’apai and Tongatapu island groups as a starting point.

Tongatapu is the southernmost island group. As the largest island Tongatapu, named like its group is the main island in Tonga. You will have the opportunity to visit Vava’u island group which is considered as a Mecca for most of the sailing enthusiasts. The group is comprised of 71 islands, where most of them are inhabited. The main town is Neaifu and it overlooks a stunning and protected harbor, the Port of Refuge, which can be quite busy in the peak season.


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