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Solomons Islands

Solomons Islands Yacht Charter Information

The exotic Solomon Islands are an archipelago located at about 1200 miles of Brisbane, Australia and about 3000 miles to the West of Tahiti.

The 1000 islands of the archipelago are in fact a mix of large islands which are dotted with densely forested mountain interiors and some fast-flowing rivers and numerous tiny low-lying coral atolls that encircle the stunning lagoon of the area.

The Solomon islands are renowned yacht charter destinations in the South Pacific and it is also a great choice for a yacht charter vacation centring upon the most famous activity in the area, diving.

Its remote location contributes greatly to the fact that the Solomon archipelago remains an undiscovered gem for adventure travellers, especially yacht charterers, divers and for those seeking an authentic Melanesian experience.

One of the main draws for most of the visitors in the area is the superb marine life which makes the islands a diver’s paradise. The most famous islands that are worth a visit are Guadalcanal, Malaita, Choiseul, New Georgia, San Cristobal and Santa Isabel.

The superb and varied marine life is the most famous thing which makes the islands an excellent destination for diving, swimming and cruising. You will have the opportunity to dive in the much of the best land-based diving spots which are located in the western province on or near the islands of Gizo and New Georgia.

The renowned dive sites of the area include Munda which lies on the Roviana lagoon and Uepi Island across the Marovo lagoon which is located in the North side of New Georgia.

For yacht charterers who are fond of fishing, they can try their chance in the well-stocked waters in the area. Most enquiries can be made at the Point Cruz Yacht club.

You can also try some hiking in the numerous rainforest that cover most of the archipelago and dormant volcanoes, where you will find various exotic orchids, ferns, palms butterflies and more than 70 species of reptiles.

The main city and capital of the archipelago is Honiara which is located in Guadalcana. It is worth a visit and you will have the occasion to visit the museum, the botanical gardens and also the Chinatown.

As a major yacht charter destination in the South Pacific, the surrounding waters of the Solomon Islands are considered as an excellent cruising ground for sailors. You can charter your yacht towards Guadalcanal and start your yacht charter trip at Honiara, which hosts the biggest port in the area. Then you can sail further towards Malaita which is considered as the best place to experience the culture tourism in the area.


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