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Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea Yacht Charter Information

Papua New Guinea is located to the north of Brisbane, Australia and about 3800 miles from Tahiti. It is a country in Oceania which occupies half of the islands of New Guinea and numerous offshore islands.

Its remoteness makes the island a rather inaccessible place for most visitors and for yacht charterers, it often called the last frontier for yacht charters.

Travelling to Papua New Guinea may be a challenging experience. To charter a yacht in the area is as if you are stepping into the great unknown. It is also what compels the most adventurous travellers to visit the country. The striking natural beauty and the myriad complex of cultures offer a riveting and truly life-affirming experience.

In the Lowlands, there are numerous jungles where you will find trees that are strangely not different from those you may find in some areas of Southeast Asia.

Papua New Guinea another great diversity of animal life occurs at about 1500 m above sea level.

A visit to Papua New Guinea is an unforgettable yacht charter experience for most visitors. The area is unique with its untouched culture which will surely exceed all your expectations.

In some remote villages throughout the island you can find tribes that passionately maintain their individual heritage through their art, song, dancing and initiations. You will have the opportunity to visit the Baining Fire Dancers near Rabaul and the Asaro Mud Men and Huli Wigmen in the Highland regions.

You will also have the opportunity to go fishing and enjoy the fishing games that are available in the area. You will have the choice between the river and the ocean.

The best time to visit Papua New Guinea aboard a yacht is during the dry season between June and July. You can start your sailing adventure at Samarai which is the main port of entry in the area.

On most of the islands, you will find some good anchorages. You can start your sailing adventure at the port of Moresby (the capital city of Papua New Guinea) which is located at Mount Hagen.

You will have the occasion to visit the famous Magic Mountain Hideaway and visit some of the traditional villages scattered in the area.

You can sail further to Rondon Ridge, Ambua or Tari which are also located on the island of Mount Hagen. From there, you can charter your yacht further afield towards many other interesting destinations.


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