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NiueYacht Charter Information

Niue is an island which lies in the South Pacific Ocean at about 3 nautical hours northeast of New Zealand between Tonga to the southwest, Samoa to the northwest and the Cook Islands to the southeast.

A quarter of the island surface area is composed of virgin rain forest and the remaining portion of land is dotted with several limestone chasms and caves accenting its rocky coasts. It is known world-wide that the island of Niue is the safest destination on the planet.

For most travelers who come to visit the area, the island brings a sense of adventure ahead.

It hosts one of the most unique diving spots in the Pacific due to its numerous underwater caverns and tunnels. Most visitors come to visit the area to enjoy most of its snorkeling opportunities in the pools fringing its reefs or to go fishing in the dark indigo depths which are scattered all around the island.

Niue is also a renowned yacht charter destination in the area. During a visit in the area from June to October, yacht charterers can witness the various humpback whales nursing their newborn calves off the coast of Avatele and Tamakautoga. As soon as you set anchor, you will come across the friendly local at the numerous cliff-top cafes and beach-front bars.

Niue is a destination which proudly lacks the major passive entertainment, however there is lot to do and discover.

Many visitors enjoy lying under the numerous frangipanis and listen to the ocean crashing against the reef, or simply enjoy some bird watching or seek the comfort of the cocktail bar nearby.

Most of the sightseeing places in the area rely entirely on the natural beauty of the island. The best way to visit the island is aboard a yacht where you will have the opportunity to encounter the whales and dolphins on your sailing route.

You will also have the occasion to visit the many chasms, snorkel or dive in the beautiful waters to discover the colorful fishes, corals, the underwater cathedrals and caves.

You can visit the famous spots like the Togo Chasm, which is reputed to host a monstrous eel, the Huvalu Forest Conservation Area, a major source of wildlife and traditional foods, the Matapa chasm, the Liku sea track and the the Avaiki Cave, an awesome, giant open-mouthed cave facing the sea.

It is particular recommended for visitors and yacht charterers alike to try to coordinate their visit with any one of the 14 annual village show-day festivals that are held on the island. It is a unique opportunity to discover and enjoy a memorable experience of the traditional dance, food, handcrafts and fun of Niue.


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