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Australasia Yacht Charter Information

The Australia and New Zealand sceneries are varied and diverse. From the magnificent coral reefs of Queensland, to the historical ports of Tasmania or the ancient green peaks of the Marlborough Sounds in New Zealand, a yacht charter vacation in Australasia is guaranteed to provide a taste of something rare. In the vast blue Pacific Ocean between the Hawaiian Islands and Australia lie some of the most beautiful, unspoiled sailing destinations on the planet. Proceeding westward across the Pacific from Polynesia to Melanesia, there are the island pearls of Tahiti, The Kingdom of Tonga, Fiji, Vanuatu, New Caledonia and finally the hospitable Whitsunday Islands of Australia.

In Niue jump off your yacht and swim with whales and dolphins. For passionate divers, dive within the dramatic underwater cathedrals teeming with life.There is the breathtakingly beautiful sunsets or the kaleidoscope colours of the lagoons in Cocas Keeling where twenty-seven islands form two atolls. For an authentic Melanesian experience, the Solomon Islands are the places to sail to. Tuvalu is a collection of nine land masses scattered in close proximity to each other. The concentration of the flora and fauna in Tuvalu is found mostly in the water bodies that surround it. Futuna has beautiful beaches on the east coast and volcanoes in the centre, the biggest being Mt. Puke which reaches 760 metres into the sky with vegetation growing up each side. Wallis has a handful of large lakes, a sign of the islands volcanic origin, some of them almost perfect circles with straight vertical walls, like Lano Lalolalo.

Sailing in the South Pacific offers an entire range of experiences, from the thrill of blue water passages to the serenity of sheltered, crystal-clear lagoons. Chartering a yacht in this area of the world is an experience not to be missed. Papua New Guinea holds so many wonderful secrets and is one of the most diverse and untouched lands on earth. Set sail on a vogage of discovery around the beautiful tropical islands of Bismarck in New Ireland Province.

The New Zealand yacht charter destinations are equally spectacular. The country holds an ancient, mystic charm. The geography is diverse and stunning. Being a country of seasons and change, New Zealand always has something to offer toward a delightful yacht charter holiday. Aucklands Hauraki Gulf, Coromandel and the Bay of Islands offers miles of coastline, freckled with off shore islands and stunning beaches. The south island offers the protected waterways and spectacular scenery of Marlborough and Milford Sounds as well as the natural beauty of the Abel Tasman. Loose yourself in the magnificence of some of the world’s most beautiful yachting destinations.

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