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Funchal Yacht Charter Information

Funchal is the largest city and the capital city of the island of Madeira in Portugal. It is located inside a natural amphitheater-shaped valley along the gentle slopes which begin from the coast and rise to over more than 1200m long.

The natural and perfect location of Funchal was used as a natural shelter for the early settlers and today it is renowned yacht charter location offering one of the most well sheltered marinas in the area.

Funchal is a lovely city which is beautifully surrounded by spectacular settings. It is renowned for its friendly people, great climate, good prices on goods and wonderful atmosphere which make Funchal a great destination that today is relatively unknown by many travellers.

For most of the yacht charter tourists who have had the opportunity to visit this place of what they often call Portugal’s best kept secret, Funchal offers some of the most unique sights in the world which proves to be true as you cannot duplicate what nature has made.

Apart from its beautiful nature, there are also plenty of interesting things to see like the numerous museums and churches scattered in the area.

For most yacht charter tourists, the port of Funchal is a major attraction in itself, it is a lovely destination which has plenty to offer to its visitors especially when it comes to things like shopping and sight seeing.

The region displays a unique culture and charm and is renowned for its delicious wine and unique handicraft items. One of the most popular shopping spots in the area is the Bazar do Povo which is the oldest shop near Funchal’s port of call.

You can also visit the Botanical gardens where the lush gardens are visible as you approach the port on board your yacht.

In the Old town, you will have the opportunity to visit the famous Quinta Das Cruzes museum which hosts hundreds of unique local artifacts and paintings.

You will also find numerous bars and restaurants where the prices are reasonable. Most of the restaurants are mainly cozy little open kitchen eateries which serve local specialties like quality steaks and fresh seafood.

If you are seeking for a good night out, it is particularly recommended to visit the Gloria Latina where you will enjoy salsa music and live music from one of its 2 comfortable terraces while sipping a cold beverage.

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