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Aveiro Yacht Charter Information

Aveiro is the capital city of the district of Aveiro in Portugal. It is located on the shore of the Atlantic Ocean to the South of Oporto and at the mouth of the Rio Vouga.

It is often called the city of canals or the Venice of Portugal as it is surrounded with a maze of canals it was purposely built on a central canal that runs through the entire town.

Aveiro is beautifully surrounded by salt-flats, numerous sandy beaches and clear blue lagoons where you will find the canals filled with the famous Moliceiros (brightly painted seaweed gathering the traditional boats) that look very similar to the ships of the ancient world.

It is a renowned yacht charter destination in Portugal, but there is not really any marina available to the visiting yachts, but there numerous well sheltered anchorages where most of the yachts find anchor along the canals.

The best anchorage in the area can be found at Sao Jacinto where the entrance is dredged and clearly marked by buoys, there is also an interesting little marina at the town of Torreiro which lies a few miles to the North of the river entrance.

Aveiro is a very attractive place to visit in Portugal, and there are numerous interesting places that are worth visiting in the city center. You will have the opportunity to visit the famous Museu de Aveiro which is housed in a church, cloisters and some convent buildings which date back since 1911.

The museum hosts a complete collection of the Portuguese Baroque art and also many pictures, sculptures and archeological materials from the 15th to the 18th centuries.

The Museu de Caça e Pesca (or the Museum of Hunting and Fishing) is also worth visiting, it lies in the middle of charming parkland which hosts numerous birds, mammals and fish which are the denizens of Aveiro region.

If you want to enjoy a gorgeous view of the water and taste the delicious seafood of the area, you are recommended to visit the Clube de Vela da Costa Nova. The restaurant is located on the beach and directly overlooking a beautiful marina, it offers some excellent fish dishes like clams and shrimps in garlic sauces and some local specialties of the area like monkfish casserole with rice or fried calamari with tuna pate and olives.

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