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Puerto Calero

Puerto Calero Yacht Charter Information

Puerto Calero is only a few kilometres in distance from the bustling resort of Puerto del Carmen, but a world away in style and atmosphere. On the South-West coast of Lanzarote, Puerto Calero is only 10 kilometres from Arrecife Airport and 20km from the islands capital.

Opened in 1989 and named after the architect who pioneered this beautiful development, Puerto Calero has become one of the most exclusive and prestigious yacht harbours in the Canaries.

With nice weather, a nice location and plenty of shorelines, Puerto Calero remains the important part of the Yacht Charter circuit visited by many sailing throughout the year and by ever increasing numbers from year to year.

Its popularity seems to be due to the fact that sailing is a national pastime there and there is plenty of Yacht Charter with great offers to be found. Puerto Calero offers some stunning views and has one of the best harbour on the Island.

Sailors from all over the world navigate their way to Puerto Calero for soaking up the peaceful, sun blushed atmosphere and unparalleled Atlantic views. Puerto Calero also known as Costa Calero is the quietest resort on the whole of Lanzarote.

In Puerto Calero each day can be different with a wide choice of options for making the most of free time. There is a whole range of marine activities available in the area together with golf, tennis, squash and other interesting activities.

Puerto Calero is not a mass tourist destination, nor is it a sun and sand vacation spot. Its atmosphere is in perfect harmony with the calm waters of the coast it borders. A truly relaxing environment envelops the every day in Puerto Calero.

Each year this enclave serves as host to one of the most important nautical sporting events. The Cesar Manrique-Puerto Calero regatta, brings together the best sailing teams.

At Puerto Calero excursions and chartered trips are available for sea lovers to enjoy. The possibilities for ocean recreation are literally endless.

The underwater world is open to exploration through trips under the sea, especially directed at a younger audience, or diving expeditions organized by local scuba diving schools

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