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Playa Blanca

Playa Blanca Yacht Charter Information

Playa Blanca, meaning White Beach is the southernmost town of the Spanish island of Lanzarote. It is the newest, yet fastest growing resort on the Island. It is part of the municipality of Yaiza.

Golden sand, clear water and blue skies, mean the Beaches of Playa Blanca and are great places to lay back, chill out and top up your tan. With crystalline waters and gentle surf, Playa Blanca is located near Punta Mala inside Bahía Culebra. Along with other beaches, Blanca forms the Gulf of Papagayo tourism project.

From this 960-meter-long beach, Playa Monte del Barco and Playa Chorotega can be seen across the way. Together, Playa Blanca and neighboring Playa Virador form a narrow natural bridge that connects them to Punta Mala.

Set in a lovely cove with white sand and crystal-clear waters, Virador is great for swimming and diving. The coastline around Playa Blanca is essentially one large 9 kilometre wide bay which is then broken up into three smaller, but still large, bays. This basic geography means that the beaches in and around Playa Blanca are sheltered and ideal for swimming and sunbathing.

Located within Santa Rosa National Park’s Murciélago sector, this beach is on the Santa Elena Peninsula, the geologically oldest region in Costa Rica. The lovely bay is bordered in the south by the Fila Carrizal mountain range, which stretches to Cabo Santa Elena.

Abundant coastal greenery, ample space and calm waters make this an ideal place for relaxing, walking, swimming and observing the fascinating plant and bird life. Nearby beaches may also be visited, such as Santa Elena and El Hachal.

Playa Blanca’s central location means that there is no shortage of bars, cafes and restaurants as well as the other shops and amenities you might need. Although only small, this beach is much appreciated as.

Playa Blanca is now a days the best tourists area in Lanzarote due to its unmatched weather and its extraordinary beaches. It offers all kinds of sports activities and excursions for all ages and tastes and has lot of high standing Hotels. One of those hotels is the Melia Volcan Lanzarote and one of the others is the Hotel Princesa Yaiza.

The island of Lanzarote is the most unusual and surprising in the Canary Island archipelago. The island offers the visitor a wide variety of landscapes and attractions. Lanzarote is made up of particularly beautiful landscapes.

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