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Marina Rubicon

Marina Rubicon Yacht Charter Information

Marina Rubicon is situated slightly north of Playa Blanca which is about a 10 minute promenade walk from the town itself. Marina Rubicon is a new and seriously stylish Marina. The Marina Rubicón Leisure Harbour is an integrated port in natural surroundings and with a truly unique beauty.

In such an exclusive location between the paradise beaches of Playa Papagayo and Playa Blanca, you can enjoy your boat all year round. There are very few places on Lanzarote quite as chic and stylish as Marina Rubicon.

The Marina Rubicon is surrounded by a very attractive promenade called El Paseo, which is perfect for a stroll. You can admire the vessels and then explore the atmospheric little lanes and squares that run off the main Marina.

The new Marina Rubicon Harbour, located in Playa Blanca and is surrounded by a selection of luxury shops, exquisite restaurants and lively bars which are all based on the typical architecture of Lanzarote.

There are all the required water sports in the Marina Rubicon. The Scuba School called Rubicon Diving is highly recommended. There is also a sailing school and deep sea fishing too. It is possible to charter a large sailing boat or take a cruise to the Papagayo beaches.

With nice weather, a nice location and plenty of shorelines, Marina Rubicon remains an important part of the Yacht Charter circuit visited by many throughout the year and by ever increasing numbers from year to year.

Its popularity seems to be due to the fact that sailing is a national pastime and there are plenty of Yacht Charter great offers to be found.

The Marina itself contains some impressive cruising and sailing boats of all sizes. The sailing facilities are prepared to look after and guard your boat 24 hours a day. The moorings have water, electricity and data connection and wireless Internet.

The Marina Rubicon is an enchanting place and has something for everyone. It makes a great setting for a meal and there are many excellent bars and restaurants. There are some famous names such as Lani’s, Cafe del Mar, Casa Roja and authentic Madrid Restaurant, Tapas and two Italian Restaurants.

It is really very pleasant to sit and let the day drift by. The Marina is for fun in the sun and general relaxation.

Ten minutes further along the coastal path is the resort of Playa Blanca and from Playa Blancas harbour there are ferries to Corraljejo on Fuerteventura and this takes 30 minutes.

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