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Atlantic Western Europe

Atlantic Western Europe Yacht Charter Information

Most holiday brochures lead you to believe that the best yachting destinations are confined to paradise islands with palm trees and white beaches. While these parts of the world are spectacular, some appealing places to visit are also found in the cooler climates of Atlantic Western Europe. The excellent marinas, ports and harbour facilities provide wonderful opportunities to stop and explore the resort towns. From a French harbour village to the renowned Canary Islands, the rich and varied cultures of these European countries will add a whole new dimension to your yacht charter vacation.

Islands in the Atlantic include the Azores, Bouvet Island, Canary Islands, Cape Verde Islands, Falkland Islands, Faroe Islands, Madeira, Iceland, Greenland, Svalbard (aka Spitsbergen), South Georgia, and South Orkney Islands.

These islands are especially attractive to those craving privacy and open ocean. Long distances between the islands, steady winds from the North-East trade-winds and deep-sea fishing are some of the yachting highlights in this area. Sail the paradise islands of Cape Verde, where the distances between the 25 islands are long enough to enable you to enjoy the solitude of the ocean. The tropical climate and miles of sandy beaches will enchant you. Cape Verde, known for first class sailing and abundant adventures is a definite destination for the young at heart. The Canaries vary from sub-tropical vegetation to volcanic semi-deserts, from verdant cliffs and gorges to sand dunes by the sea shore. A yacht charter will allow you to enjoy the most of this exceptional natural environment. Sailing the Canaries is extremely challenging. There are strong winds and as they pass between all the islands they create a sort of wind tunnel effect.

Galacia in Northern Spain is spectacular with picturesque villages and small quaint harbours dotted all along its long coastline. A few ports to anchor in are Ria Bidasoa, Puerto de Pasajes, San Sebastián, Casco Viejo, Guetaría and Puerto de Motrico. The Algarve Coast is one of Portugal’s most popular yacht charter destinations. The Vilamoura marina is famous for its glamour and elegance where you can discover the sea caves and grottoes along the coast at Lagos. The French Atlantic coastline has been said to be one of the most beautiful places in the world. When sailing the French Atlantic, a trip through the La Palmyre, a famous resort, it is definitely not to be missed. Nineteenth-century shipwrecks and a plethora of marine life are among the attractions awaiting you in the Falkland Islands.

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