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Antarctica Yacht Charter Information

Antarctica will give you an experience of a lifetime that you cannot surpass. Sailing around icebergs, through narrow mountain passes, amongst whales and seals, right to the limit of the Earth.

Antarctica, the southern most continent, is truly a land of records. It is the highest, windiest, driest, and coldest continent, with the most dynamic glacial activity. In such harsh conditions, the quantity of wildlife will astound you as you marvel at their lack of fear.

The Antarctic Peninsula offers the opportunity to have an amazing experience – sailing your chartered yacht through narrow channels between steep mountains with ice caps and glaciers, visiting breeding penguin colonies, seals and whales along the way.

Truly a land of spirit, visiting the Antarctic is a cultural and wildlife experience not to be missed. Haunted by explorers past, roamed by the great white bear and navigated by your yacht.

Antarctica has enticed explorers, scientists, adventurers and dreamers for more than a century and today, there is still tremendous scope for further exploration. The best way to explore this majestic land is by yacht charter.

As winter releases its icy grip, millions of penguins, sea birds and seals pour from the ocean to breed along the thawing shores of Antarctica. Let inconceivably large icebergs amaze you.

The coast, glistening in a land where the height of summer delivers 24 hours of daylight. Anchor inside a flooded volcano and wonder at the seal-cloaked beach. Sift through the ruins of abandoned whaling stations and visit modern, international research stations; climb a snow-clad hill for an inspirational view or photograph imposing geological spires in the endless, apricot twilight.

Whether you are sailing your chartered yacht to King George Island, the unofficial capital, Deception Island, Neumayer Channel or Hannah Point, Antarctica truly is an adventure of a lifetime.

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