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Why Charter A Catamaran?

May 27, 2016


Why charter a catamaran?

A catamaran is a type of multihulled boat or ship consisting of two hulls joined by some structure, the most basic being a frame, formed of akas. Catamarans can be sail- or engine -powered.

Catamarans are a relatively recent introduction to the design of boats for both leisure and sport sailing, although they have been used since before recorded history among the Paravas, a fishing community in the southern coast of India, and in Oceania, where Polynesian catamarans and outrigger canoes allowed seafaring Polynesians to settle the world”s most far-flung islands.

Small recreational catamarans are typically designed to be launched and landed from a beach. They will come to rest on their keels without heeling over like a monohull. Additionally, their rudders can be retracted to the depth of their keels, which protects the fragile rudders from damage when the vessel is run aground.

Here are some good reasons why you should charter a catamaran:

  •  Combination from thrill and teamwork of sailing with comfort, privacy and great social spaces
  •  Easier to navigate in shallow water- reduced seasickness (catamarans do not roll as much as a monohull)
  •  Great views from the spacious Salon
  •  Excellent sun decks for easier, more comfortable lounging on deck
  •  Fewer stairs and less separation between the cockpit and the galley
  •  More private sleeping quarters (cabins are separated from each other in the hulls)

Depending on you what kind of holiday you prefer you have the choice to charter a catamaran either bareboat or crewed.
if you want a relaxing holiday with all the amenities and the feeling of being on a great sailboat without having to do all of the work then we recommend a crewed catamaran.
Crewed catamarans generally come with a knowledgeable skipper and hostess who is entire life revolves around the boat. They understand the region and the waters, know how to get the most out of your time with them, and are dedicated to your comfort and satisfaction.

If you want the thrill of sailing and are willing to skipper yourself, you can charter a bareboat catamaran. Bareboating a catamaran with some friends, for example, can be an amazing holiday when you have one qualified sailor in your group and the rest are willing to pitch in. You are totally in control of your holiday. Please note, that you will generally need to show your certificate of sailing competence or documentation of previous charters to charter bareboat.

You can click here to find some catamarans and charter itineraries for your holiday.


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