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Riva Yacht

May 27, 2016



Riva Yachts was created in 1842, in Sarnico, a small northern Italian town on the banks of the Iseo Lake. Since then, Riva has evolved to one of the world”s oldest most renowned shipyards.

Pietro Riva, a young fisherman and boat builder carried out repairs to storm-damaged boats, which no one else could do; he built boats of exceptional quality and craftsmanship and thereby earned a reputation, which laid the foundations from generation to generation.



Pietro opened his shipyard there and this is where the very first Riva creations were built, yachts like nobody had ever seen before. Riva quickly became a well-known, highly esteemed company and the shipyard’s work continued to prosper under the management of Ernesto Riva, who succeeded his father.

Ernesto introduced technical innovations which raised the quality of what was still artisan production. While maintaining the tradition of impeccable quality and craftsmanship, Ernesto added another dimension to the Riva product: innovation. He was also the person whose intuition led him to fit internal-combustion engines on the yachts. This was the period during which Riva produced large boats for transporting people and goods over the lake.

After the Great War, Serafino Riva made his mark on how the company would continue to be organised, transforming the shipyard’s esteemed products into a true brand, one which would go down in history. Resolutely putting the tiller hard over, production veered away from transportation towards motor boating, still at its very beginnings at that time. Spanning the 20s and 30s, the Riva family broke a number of records, winning several victories with its speedboats too, in both national and international competitions.

The 50s were Carlo Riva’s years and those of pleasure boating, of the brand which had become a synonym for elegance, status and perfection. Materials chosen only from the very best available, painstaking care taken over detail, decades worth of artisan experience. Riva creations are an object of desire for kings and queens from all countries, as well as actors and actresses, sports champions, businesspeople and celebrities of all kinds. Still today, these jewels hold the glamour of that time in the past, with its paparazzi, scarved, sunglassed divas, romantic escapades on the water, cover love affairs, timeless luxury and elegance.

The official Riva collection of miniatures was introduced to be admired, give as gifts or put on display for the timeless pleasure, even when away from the sea. It has one of the highest expressions of style, timeless elegance, design, technology and nautical tradition nearby. Riva has, in fact, decided to entrust the creation of scale versions of its most famous jewels – both in mahogany and in fibreglass – to Kiade, the leading company in the sector, boasting consolidated experience and the best production technologies, capable of guaranteeing the highest standards of quality, in line with the original Riva production. Kiade, the only holder of the Official Licence of the Riva brand, produces and distributes the faithful scale reproductions – taken from the original drawings and specifications kept inside the Riva Archive – of the legendary boats which have marked the history of cruising and worldwide design: including names such as Aquarama, Ariston and Aquariva, boat which, in both the original scale and miniature versions, are admired all over the world.

The Models on the Riva Range include:

Riva 63 Virtus

blog_riva 63 virtus


Riva 63 Virtus is the largest open yacht produced by the shipyard, characterised by an unmistakable style and a distinctly Mediterranean character. It is the product of a close working relationship between Officina Italiana Design, the studio that exclusively designs all yachts in the Riva range, the AYT – Advanced Yacht Technology, the Ferretti Group”s naval research and design centre, and the team of architects and designers at Centro Stile Ferrettigroup. The exteriors feature spacious areas which enable owners to enjoy the yacht in the company of their guests, also thanks to two large sundecks, one at bow and one astern, under which the garage for the tender is located. This sociable aspect of the yacht is also extended to the helm area, where the driving seat consists of a three seater sofa, enabling owners to share the pleasure of driving the yacht with their guests. Moreover, it is protected by a large windshield with a double curve which ensures comfort while cruising. The cockpit is spacious, comfortable and equipped with a fridge and sink. In the cockpit there are three sofas, one of which L-shaped, located on the port hand side, one astern and a third equipped with a system which slides and enables to move closer to the varnished teak table which has a flip up section. Moreover, the cockpit is covered with a large, electro-hydraulically operated bimini which can also be kept open whilst running. The interior fittings have been studied in such a way as to attain the very best availability in terms of space and comfort, with a large salon which makes it possible to place a wooden table, able to accommodate up to six in this area, without having to reduce the size of the galley. Riva The master cabin is located portside astern and set slightly lower than the other two, and has been enriched with a bed run around in leather stitching. The slightly lower position of the cabin makes it possible to use all the space available. The guest cabin, also located port-side midships, features bunk beds, set out in an L-shape which offers a pleasant panoramic view of the surface of the water. The master and VIP cabins, set at bow, both feature en-suite heads, whilst the day head is located opposite the guest cabin. The new Riva 63″ Virtus is also on the cutting-edge for her on-board technological equipment. Featuring twin 1360mhp MAN 12V engines, 1000 kW at 2300 rpm/min, the new Riva 63″ VIRTUS delivers an excellent performance, with a top speed of 40 knots and a cruise speed of 35 thanks to the tried and tested hull equipped with direct shaft line tunnel propulsion. Her ease of handling and smoothness over the waves are also excellent for this category.

Riva Iseo

blog_riva iseo


The Riva Iseo, a 27 ft runabout, is designed to become a must-have for those who love cruising on both lakes and the sea and most importantly, design enthusiasts. She is also perfect for anyone wishing to enhance their yacht with an exclusive tender that will never go unnoticed. The new Riva Iseo is an important innovation for the celebrated nautical brand due to its size and design elements. It is the result of the working relationship between Officina Italiana Design, exclusive designers of the entire Riva range, AYT – Advanced Yacht Technology, the Ferretti Group”s naval research and design centre, and the team of architects and designers at Centro Stile Ferrettigroup.
Riva Iseo is an original option suitable for day cruising in waters with high environmental value. The yacht will also be available in a hybrid engine version with the ZEM (Zero Emission Mode) cruising option, Ferretti Group”s revolutionary cruising mode system, particularly suitable for lakes, especially where normal boating is forbidden.
Due to the ease of manoeuvrability and size, Riva Iseo is also ideal as a tender for large yachts. Innovative and elegant, it can guarantee comfort in bad weather conditions, too. Besides the electro hydraulic bimini top, the Iseo was designed with a waterproof, automobile-style soft top which protects those on board against water and the wind during cruising, too.
Other than responding to an increasing demand for on-board infotainment, Riva Iseo is also the very first yacht of its kind to be equipped with both infotainment and GPS charts built for the Apple platform for iPad. This software has been specifically designed for Riva Iseo and also features a number of interesting applications, such as browsing the Riva Iseo owner manual, viewing the weather forecast and other information, as well as listening to live stream radio, TV or one”s own playlists with high quality sound.

Aquariva by Marc Newson

blog_aquariva by marc newson


Marc Newson has partnered with Riva and their official designers, Officina Italiana Design, to reinterpret the “Aquariva” speedboat. “Aquariva by Marc Newson” bas been launched as a limited edition of 22 units in 2010, available worldwide through Gagosian Gallery.
Newson”s design for the Aquariva vessel is unique in its conception, as well as the materials chosen. A wood-like, textile-based laminate (phenolic composite) was used for the deck area and instrument panel. This material was developed in the first half of the 20th century, and was a precursor to fiberglass. While having an ostensibly organic feel and aesthetic, it is significantly more durable than wood. To give the exterior a more high tech look, Newson utilized anodized aluminium, a material not generally associated with boats; this lightweight material is used in lieu of stainless steel and chrome brass, yet remains contextual among Riva’s glamour and classical design.
Respecting the plan of the original project created by Officina Italiana Design was paramount to Newson”s design for Aquariva. With this in mind, some of the changes he makes are truly innovative: the re-imagining of the transom (at the stern), the wrap-around, laminated glass windscreen, the split cabin door entry, the functionality of the lounge and dining area, and the re-introduction of separate driver and passenger seats. Aquariva by Marc Newson”s simplicity and functionality are what make the boat truly extraordinary. The end product of Newson”s design is an up rated Riva complete with a bow thruster and state-of-the-art electronic transmission.

Aquariva by Gucci

blog_aquariva by gucci


Gucci and Riva, in partnership with Officina Italiana Design, the design company which created the original Aquariva in 2000, unveiled the exclusive made to order “Aquariva by Gucci”, a model customized by Gucci Creative Director Frida Giannini. This initiative will be one of the activities marking Gucci’s 90th anniversary year in 2011.
Respecting the design of the original project created by Officina Italiana Design was paramount to Gucci”s design for Aquariva. Defining the Aquariva by Gucci is a fiberglass hull and detailing painted in Gucci’s own hue of glossy white, while Riva’s signature use of mahogany with classic varnish finish – twenty coats in all, ten by brushing, ten by spraying – is also the signature material for the cockpit and walking decks and awning cover hatch. The waterproof fabric covering the seats and sundeck features the emblematic Guccissima print, while the bed upholstery is defined by the beauty of Gucci white cotton. The iconic touch is provided by Gucci”s green-red-green web detailing which edges the floating line, perfectly complementing the unique green crystal windshield. Completing the Gucci customization is a series of exclusive Riva by Gucci accessories.
The innovative two-speed electronic gear reveals all the power of the two 380-horsepower Yanmar engines, ensuring an exceptional performance, with a maximum speed of 41 knots and a 150-mile range at cruising speed.
The Aquariva by Gucci has been unveiled at the International Cannes Boat Show on September 7th, 2010 followed by a special presentation on September 22nd 2010, the opening day of Milan Fashion Week. The Aquariva by Gucci is exclusively available on a made-to-order basis through Riva”s dealer network.

Aquariva Super

blog_aquariva super


The Aquariva Super is a 33 footer testifying Riva’s natural style evolution over the years. Its soft, elegant lines reflect a taste for tradition, the valuable, beautifully carved wooden decks (mahogany inlaid with maple) and leather trimmings of the dashboard and helm highlight the pleasure of sailing in a timeless classic offering unique, incomparable emotions and comfort. The innovative, electronically-controlled, two speed gearbox reveals all the gritty passion of the two powerful 380 hp Yanmar motors featuring an exceptional performance: 41 knots of maximum speed and 36 of cruising speed. Symbol of Riva’s modern elegance and style, Aquariva has confirmed its success on all continents, just as the legendary Aquarama – now a cult yacht for collectors all over the world – did a few decades ago. Not only has Aquariva inherited the trademark style and elegance of its predecessor but also its success: in October 2006 the launch of the hundredth Aquariva was celebrated with the creation of a special, limited edition of the model, appropriately called Aquariva Cento.





The 44 ft Rivarama is also known as “the floating suite. It is not only technological and innovative, but is also naturally elegant and stylish. A number of features make this model unique, such as its futuristic driving seat, an example of design and ergonomics which transforms from 1 seat into 3 in just a few seconds by means of a hydraulic system. Like Aquariva, Rivarama is the only standard yacht with an electronically controlled two-speed gearbox, giving quick acceleration, like a real sports car, and a faster cruising speed with higher fuel efficiency.
Rivarama’s innovative design as a yacht for two with just one master cabin (located in the bow), offers all the comforts of a 5 star hotel, including a unique rapid cooling system for a bottle of champagne and a couple of fluted glasses. Thanks to the use of good materials, the hand-made finishing touches, high liveability and the yacht’s performance, Rivarama is the ideal yacht for even the most demanding owner. It also has a deckhand cabin with its own access and private bathroom, making it completely independent. Even the exterior cockpit is equipped with all the necessary accessories to ensure the very best in comfort: an electro-hydraulic bimini provides shade from the sun even when at sea, the folding teak table can seat eight guests and the spacious stern sundeck provides safe, easy access to the water by means of three comfortable steps in non-slip treated mahogany.
The classical design, the inspiration of Mauro Micheli and Officina Italiana Design, and the significant use of wood even on the deck, completely paneled in mahogany, make this model the natural evolution of the legendary Aquarama. It is no coincidence, therefore, that Rivarama has won first prize for the Best European Open in the 40 to 60 foot category two years running.




Rivale has a unique, sharp line, with a smart and welcoming heart, created from refined wood and quality textiles. The interior design is based on a harmonious blend of elegance and sobriety and cleverly set out living areas. This 52 footer features large cabins, a comfortable dining-area and a cockpit which satisfies all demands for outdoor living, as well as one of the largest garages (which stores a 3.2 metre tender) in this category, making her with a strong personality.
The size of this unrivalled yacht has been chosen by owners wishing to man and enjoy their craft firsthand (if this is the case, the crew cabin can be used as a guest cabin) and enjoy life at sea in comfort indeed, but also total privacy, counting on reliability and simplicity of use. Rivale carries the philosophy of Riva yachts: personality, style, elegance and constant innovation.


SportRiva 56

blog_sportriva 56


The SportRiva 56 is a yacht which integrates the flybridge concept with the sporty lines of an Open, whilst still maintaining Riva’s style, designed by the skilful hand of Mauro Micheli together with the team at Officina Italiana Design. This model, set between the 52 and 63 feet of Opens Rivale and Vertigo, has been studied to satisfy the demands of owners who, while not wishing to renounce to the lines of an Open, prefer the convenience of a closed, air-conditioned upper salon, ideal for countries with a tropical clime. The deck features a large, external living area complete with folding, teak table and two comfortable sofas able to seat up to eight people, whilst a central stairway provides easy access to the flybridge, featuring a second drive position and large sundeck.
Inside, the combination of the warm colours of the elm, bronze lacquering and leather inserts and choice of matching fabrics and leathers creates a soft, relaxing atmosphere. Moreover, the different areas, unexpectedly large for a yacht of this size, have been studied in order to guarantee, as usual, comfort and liveability. The salon, set at the height of the bridge deck, features a comfortable, full soft grain leather divan and crystal table which can seat six. The large windows provide natural lighting, creating a comfortable environment separated from the cockpit by a central crystal door which can open up completely to form a single, spacious, outdoor day area.
The master cabin, with en-suite bathroom, is set on the lower bridge at bow, whilst the two, twin-bedded guest cabins are set amidships. The left hand cabin, providing direct access to the second bathroom which also acts as a day-head, features an extremely clever solution. One of the two beds, which runs on tracks, can be set next to the other to form a double bed. Moreover, both guest cabins feature a large window and double portholes, guaranteeing maximum lighting and providing the interiors with natural ventilation. A second access to the lower bridge, separate to that of the cabins, leads to the galley, set at stern and linked by access to the crew cabin. Unusual for a yacht of this size, this cabin features an en-suite bathroom with shower and a cupboard which can be converted into a washer-dryer.

63 Vertigo Open

blog_63 vertigo open


The 63Vertigo Open is an open version that optimises the space available and guarantees total comfort, features a range of new solutions, such as the comfortable sofa running on two tracks towards the table to its left, transforming the cockpit into an elegant outdoor salon. Moreover, the elegant, aerodynamic hard-top provides full sun protection, plus natural ventilation thanks to openings on both sides and above. The central command position naturally sports last generation navigation instruments and the command seat – an example of the very latest technology recalling the Rivarama seat – can transform from a one seater to a three seater in just a few seconds.
Below deck, natural light filters through large “arrow-shaped” side windows similar to those of the 68’ Ego. The alternate use of light oak and darker wenge for the walls and furniture gives 63’ Vertigo a further touch of modernity without foregoing Riva’s distinctive elegance. The spacious interiors simply exude comfort, and the salon is large enough to accommodate a plate-glass table seating eight, and still leave plenty of room for the galley to the left. The owner’s cabin is astern port side in the standard model, set slightly lower than the other two. This creates more room for the guest cabin, also on port side, mid-ships. The bunks are arranged in an original “L-shape”, and the cabin features a spacious wardrobe under the upper bed. The owner’s and the VIP cabin, placed at bow, have en-suite bathrooms, whilst the day bathroom is directly opposite the guest cabin.

68 Ego Super

blog_68 ego super


The 68 Ego has won three of the most prestigious awards in the nautical world (European Powerboat of the Year, the Millennium Yacht Design Award and Croatian Powerboat of the Year).  In the cockpit, the reclining sofa enables those aboard to be seated in two positions, facing either the stern or the salon, and the layout is considerably different to that of the previous model in this area. In the bow, in fact, a teak table and another large sofa can accommodate up to six people, creating an open-air salon. This new relaxation area can also be protected against the sun’s rays by means of an innovative, electric awning. 68’ Ego Super is, in fact, equipped with the PLC technology-based Gi8, which is applied to the entire set of on-board systems, and controls, manages and monitors all the services. The interiors have been completely re-examined, according to owners’ experiences and requirements. The cabins on the lower deck have been enlarged and the deck flooring raised, guaranteeing higher ceilings for the rooms which ensures greater liveability. The primary new feature is that the main salon has been transferred to the upper deck.
The lower deck is accessed by means of a central ladder, leading to an open space area comprising a salon and the well-equipped galley. The large windows and light colours of the durmast and the ivory-coloured upholstery means the cabins are particularly well-lit. The full beam master cabin is set astern, and the VIP cabin to bow. Both have en-suite bathrooms and were built following ergonomic studies to optimise the space available to the utmost. The twin-bedded guest cabin allows direct access to the day bathroom and is located in the middle of the yacht, starboard. Lastly, there is a totally independent crew cabin set astern, providing direct access from the cockpit, and equipped with a private bathroom.

75 Venere

blog_75 venere


The Riva 75’ Venere features a range of innovative solutions, from the vast windows in the cabins on the lower deck, to the stern that opens out onto a spacious swimming platform, ideal for free time and practicing water sports. The fly-bridge, designed to offer guests ample space and total comfort, features a comfortable, six seater sofa and awning equipped with an electric-hydraulic opening system. A refined crystal table in the dinette on the main bridge can seat eight, whilst the fitted galley, featuring a serving hatch connected to the dinette, can be accessed both from the bridge and side passage in order to provide a discrete passage for the crew.
On the lower deck, the vast main cabin, spanning the whole width of the yacht, has a study area, vanity unit with foldaway pouf, 30” LCD television and elegant walk-in wardrobe. Each cabin has direct access to an en-suite bathroom.


85 Opera Super

blog_85 opera super


The 85 Opera Super measures an overall twenty-six metres in length. This model features an innovative flybridge, offering an extraordinarily large, versatile space for sunbathing, relaxing or sipping a cocktail at the bar. The new version of the model, which was the shipyard’s flagship until 2005, now boasts a comfortable sunbed at bow, a feature often present on Riva craft. Indeed, the company has always made the owner the centre of its attention.
An extra large window has been added to the elegant side windows, meaning even more natural light filters through to below deck. Moreover, the contrast between the warm colours of the woodwork and the dark hue of the leatherwork creates a pleasant, relaxing environment. Another novelty is the complete rearrangement of the crew cabins, redesigned in order to create more room. It is now possible to place two beds in the captain’s cabin, thus increasing the crew to a maximum of four.


86 Domino

blog_86 domino


This has been designed for owners who love sporty lines. Owner and guests can enjoy more space and a number of different areas for socialising, characteristics which make this yacht ideal for both long cruises and daily life on board. It features a large sundeck at bow, a dinette with a table for 6, whilst another table, which can also seat 6 guests, and a comfortable sofa, are located in the cockpit. The sundeck is perfectly integrated into the upper part of the deckhouse, so that it cannot be perceived from outside. It features a second steering position, ideal for mooring manoeuvres, and a sun pad with a reclining back which can accommodate 3 guests.
The closed, air-conditioned upper salon, creates an open space area with the dinette, and is separated from the helm station by a large LCD television. The fully-equipped galley is located on a mezzanine level, and accessed from the left hand side of the helm station, whilst the crew cabins (for 4 people) are accessed from the stern cockpit. They feature a head and dinette, guaranteeing total privacy for owners and their guests.
The special design of the large window in correspondence with the full beam master cabin located amidships follows the surfaces of the hull, integrating into it perfectly and ensuring as much light as possible in this environment. Equipped with an en-suite head and walk-in wardrobe, the master cabin also has a private living-room area and vanity. The VIP cabin, with en-suite head, is located at bow, whilst two twin-bedded guest cabins with en-suite heads, are located between this and the master cabin. The portside guest cabin also features a system of sliding beds on tracks that allows transforming it into a second, double-bedded cabin.

92 Duchessa

blog_92 duchessa


The 92 Duchessa features a large windscreen integrating perfectly in the soaring, aggressive line. This provides an excellent view from the pilot station, whilst the large windows of the upper deck guarantee as much light as possible filters through to the salon and luncheon area.
The wide master cabin is located astern, but separated from the engine room by the remote control area accessed from the cockpit and the large, full beam bathroom located behind the bed. Fitted with a shower and Jacuzzi, said bathroom guarantees total comfort and quietness. The owner cabin features a walk-in wardrobe and vanity unit, and is well-lit by two large, rectangular windows fitted on either side. Another two pairs of twin windows light the two guest cabins and the VIP cabin. All the cabins feature en-suite bathrooms, whilst the day bathroom is on the upper floor.
The classical cockpit features a large teak table which can seat up to eight, thanks to a comfortable sofa and four foldable chairs, the latter of which can be stored in the base of the table. A second, smaller living-room has been created at bow, where a teak table with a six-seater sofa and the sundeck are located, the latter has been enlarged to accommodate up to four people and can be shaded by an awning with easy manual opening.
A brand new feature on a Riva model, the flybridge is surmounted by a fibreglass hard top, whose sharp line inclined towards bow gives continuity to the yacht’s general profile, making her more aerodynamic and elegant. Another special feature of this model is the garage. Closed by a foldable door, it can house a tender measuring max. 3.20 m or a jet-ski.
Two ARG 4000 stabilisers guarantee the stability of the yacht both when moored and at sea, whilst the exclusive advanced entertainment system enables those aboard to play the same videos and music in both the salon and master cabin.

115 Athena

blog_115 athena



The 115 Athena is a semi-custom megayacht. Though the design of the vessel itself cannot be changed, the owner can actually decide on the interior layout. The number of guest cabins may vary from 4 to 5, while the dining area has a separate entrance for the crew members, thus guaranteeing guests the highest degree of privacy. One special feature of this model is the sky lounge, located on the fly, which is closed off by two large windows that allow a wonderful 360° view and which can comfortably take ten people. The rest of the fly has been designed for the pleasantries of life in the open like, for example, a relaxing lie in the Jacuzzi whirlpool bath, included in the standard version. Even this feature can be changed to the owner’s need.


The Rivas participate in a number of shows throughout the year, where they can be admired and sometimes taken for a ride. In 2011, the Riva will be in:

Riva will display in Costa Smeralda some of the top models of its fleet: Aquariva Gucci and Aquariva by Marc Newson will be available for visits and sea trials from the 30th July to the 20th of August in Porto Cervo at Cala di Volpe Hotel, while the Porto Cervo Marina will host 75’ Venere Super from the 6th to the 21st of August.

Festival International de la Plaisance – Cannes
6th – 11st September 2011

Monaco Yacht Show – Monaco
21st – 24th September 2011

Genoa International Boat Show – Genoa
1st – 9th October 2011

Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show – Fort Lauderdale
27th – 31st October 2011

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