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Marina d’Arechi Port Village – a masterpiece in the heart of the Mediterranean

May 27, 2016


Marina d’Arechi Prot Village – a masterpiece in the heart of the Mediterranean

Marina d´Arechi Port Village is a beautiful superyacht marina, situated to the east of the city of Salerno, a strategic position at the gateway to the Amalfi coast and the island of Capri going northwards, with the Cilento Coast and region lying to the South. Construction of the port started in September 2010 and its first 400 berths for yachts from 10 up to 60 meters long will be ready and fully operational from summer 2012. Conclusion of sea works is scheduled for summer 2013.

The Port

With its 1000 berths from 10 to 60 meters, the port is one of the largest superyacht marinas in the Mediterranean.
To ensure the integrity of the coastal engineering to be carried out and to meet the highest standards of safety and security demanded, the design has been underpinned by extensive meteorological and marine studies, including state-of-the-art physical and mathematical modeling simulations under the direction of the prestigious Institute for Research HR Wallingford in the UK.
Each berth will be equipped with the latest and most efficient energy supply systems, as well as water supply and health and sanitation.

  • 1000 berths for boats    blog_Marina_dArechi_Port
  • 10 to 60 meters long
  • 1000 parking spaces at the marina, with a further
  • 2000 spaces outside the Port Village, served by shuttle transport
  • 8700 sq. meters of commercial, retail and leisure space
  • 27000 sq. meters of landscaped gardens and pathways
  • Direct connections to the city of Salerno and the principal motorway network
  • Easy access to the road running to the newly-opened Salerno-Pontecagnano airport.



Land works

Architect Santiago Calatrava has designed the main focus points of land works and tourist facilities of Marina d’Arechi:

  •  the large urban park
  •  the sea walkway
  •  the porticos
  •  the amphitheater for entertainment and recreation
  •  the “Club Nautico” building featuring the roof covering that represents the outstanding architectural element of the complex
  •  the suspended bridge that connects the land to the sea.



The Nautical Club Building

The Nautical Club Building designed by Calatrava is the most poetic and exclusive of the port village. Connected to the land and to the berths by an extraordinary suspended bridge, it settles on the sea like a ship, covered by a “leaf” balanced by the building through the geometric weave of the cables and the imposing central mast.
Apart from the “leaf” covering, the other architectural featured element and the usability of the building are the façades, which also have electronically activated, movable lamellate sunshades, variable depending on the different weather conditions, protecting the glassed surfaces from the sun’s rays so as to increase comfort inside.  The entire building is spread out over 4 floors with a large terrace at the top. The two lower levels will be given over to entertainment and commercial use. The sea level floor will house the bar that faces the equipped piazza inside the building, and on the upper level, there will be a casual-chic restaurant. The third level, apart from offices and a few commercial enterprises, will house a fitness area. The last floor, with a huge terrace facing the Amalfi coast, will house the real boat club, another exclusive restaurant, a cocktail lounge and a night club. On the top, we find the beautiful panoramic terrace, with the suspended “leaf” as a cover.

Sea works

Separated from the land, the port infrastructure is being developed. The quay is for the port users, with all the fundamental marina services.
On the land side, a public passageway has been designed to be open to everybody, shaded by lines of trees, and which offers unequalled viewing points of the city and the boat club. Along this passageway, commercial and entertainment activities will be available.
The berthing for a thousand yachts will be along 21 docks of varying length, articulated around two main docks, spreading out from the bank quay. The refueling stations with fourteen pumps will be placed at the entrance to the port.

Fully operational Marina d´Arechi Port Village will offer:

  •  1.000 berths from 10 up to 60 metres long
  •  27.000 sq. metres of landscaped gardens and pathways
  •  8.700 sq. metres of commercial, retail and leisure space
  •  1.000 parking spaces at the Marina
  •  Direct connections to the motorway network
  •  Just few kilometers away from Salerno airport and high speed railway connections
  •  Exclusive services.











Marina services include a navigation control tower, dinghy, mooring and docking services, cleaning, maintenance,  refitting and repair on board vessels, shipyard, brokerage, cruises, assistanceat sea and shipping advice, fuel, electricity and water supply systems, specialized workshops for on-site repair of marine hulls, engines and electrical systems, berth management and specialist divers, cranes, a slipway, a travel lift, cleaning supplies and supply crews, rubbish and oil-waste collection, anti-pollution systems.
Remote video surveillance, an electronic access service and 24-hour guard patrol, firefighting service, weather forecast service, antipollution system.
27000 sq. meters dedicated to relaxation and amusement in the formof landscaped gardens and pathways, health and beauty centers, shopping arcades, an amphitheater, restaurants with on board delivery service, a night lounge bar, yacht club, baby club and water sports. A short walk from the port there are a swimming pool, tennis courts, soccer stadium, golf clubs and, of course, beaches.
Helitaxi service and helipad, wireless network, sailing and skippering services, boat, car and motorbike rental, restrooms with showers and laundry facilities, a children’s playground and nursery, storage services for the winter months.


Marina d’Arechi SpA
Via Salvador Allende – 84131 Salerno
Tel. +39 089 2788801 – Fax +39 089 2788809 –


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