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Last Minute Yacht Charter Deals

May 27, 2016

Not every dream holiday or attendance to an event has to be planned months in advance, sometimes spontaneity is the spice of life. You will find that there are so many different options and factors to look into when booking a yacht for charter at the last minute, for example you need to choose your destination of choice and book the yacht which is available and perfect for you.

You will also need fast and easy access to pricing and owner information. Yacht Owners Direct offers all of this information and more on a user friendly site.

Booking your yacht directly is the fastest and most cost effective way to  charter a yacht…but you already knew that !

Even with your destination in mind, you will need to know as much about the destination as possible, our site lists all the information on all the top yacht charter destinations such as: The Mediterranean, Caribbean,BVI, Indian Ocean, Australasia, South East Asia, Atlantic West Europe, the United States of America East Coast and West Coast , Dubai and UAE, the Red Sea, the South Pacific, the North Sea, South America, the Baltic Sea and Antarctica.

Yacht Owners Direct lists different yacht types in different categories, such as: Luxury yachts, Motor yachts, Catamarans, Sailing yachts, Gulet yachts, Classic yachts, yachts for events and fishing, yachts for sale and day charter yachts. Our site offers information on any yacht you could dream of thus making your selection choice vast and easy. This means that even at the last minute you are able to receive all the necessary information at hand, fast and directly.

Yacht Owners Direct provides a unique and easy to use platform which makes it possible for the public to book yachts for charter directly with the boat owner. This means that you will be in direct contact with the owners of boats and therefore you will be able to ask the questions needed and gather the information you wish to have for your charter trip, after all, no one knows boats better than the owners of them.

Yacht and boat owners, captains, managers and central agents are able to list their boats on the site which are available for charter. This makes it the easiest, most direct, cost effective and fastest way for yacht charter enthusiasts and holiday makers to secure a dream yacht to charter anywhere in the world.Last-minute-button

Through our site you will be provide with direct access to charter clients, travel agents and concierge services. This will save you on the time it takes to gather contact detail and information on each one individually.

As a yacht charter client, we provide the information on our site which you will need in order to choose your yacht for charter and your dream destination. Our site will enable you to contact the boat owner without the use of an agent therefore making a last minute booking possible and easy.

Yachting enthusiasts who pay a visit to our website and who are interested in chartering a yacht at the last minute can contact yacht owners directly and immediately. There are no hidden costs! Our site will also enable you to be in contact with travel agents, concierge services and it offers low  cost advertising for owners.

The information about the different yachts and the various destinations is constantly updated. In all, Yacht Owners Direct will insure that you are provided with the right information and therefore are never mislead. If you are in need of help when doing a search or you have any questions, our team is on standby 365 days a year on email, skype or phone.

Because we offer the largest selection of superb yachts for charter (and for sale) we are fast becoming the definitive reference for charter holidays among yachting enthusiasts. The website is easy to use according to criteria, which are important to you as a charter client.

All the yachts listed on the site show their best attributes which are presented across several categories making it easy to find your yacht of choice. Listed on the site are the yacht owners phone numbers, email and other contact details, allowing you as a client to contact the owners directly.

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