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May 27, 2016




Lagoon is among the world leader in the sailing catamaran cruiser range. Lagoon has been building luxury catamarans since 1984 and has kept developing its range to satisfy all expectations, with boats going from 38’ to 62’: Lagoon 380, Lagoon 400, Lagoon 421, Lagoon 450, Lagoon 500, Lagoon 560, and Lagoon 620.

Lagoon was founded in 1984 as a subsidiary of Jeanneau Technologies Avancées (JTA), Jeanneau”s “racing department”.  JTA gained a reputation for producing single and multihulled offshore racing boats that won an unequalled string of victories. Lagoon has also been involved in more unusual projects such as building trimarans for the film Waterworld.


Lagoon is now part of CNB, a division of the Beneteau Group, the world leader in pleasure sailing craft construction. CNB offers a full and well-structured range of cruising catamarans designed by naval architects Marc Van Peteghem and Vincent Lauriot Prévost (VPLP) who have notched up an incomparable record of victories in multihull events. One of their most recent designs was the famous trimaran Oracle, winner of the 2010 America”s Cup. blog_lagoon_450

A first generation series of catamarans was built between 1987 and 1996, the Lagoon 55, 47, 57 and 67 models, and these were intended for offshore cruising under private ownership. The Lagoon 37 and 42 models were designed for chartering.

The key strengths of the Lagoon brand are its guiding principles: good design, high-quality construction and better-than-average performance.

1996 saw the arrival of a new generation of Lagoon boats that quickly made their mark thanks to space-efficient layouts, greater comfort and attention to customer feedback.

Since 2003 Lagoon has been the world leader in the construction of cruising catamarans. We have a full and innovative range of boats and the support of a comprehensive distribution network. Indeed, Lagoon has more than 70 distributors throughout the world who are passionate catamaran specialists.

Since 2010, when VPLP”s Oracle won the America”s Cup, Nauta Design (another great name in naval architecture) has been working with Lagoon to design the interiors of new models.

Lagoon has been innovating a lot over the years:

1992, Lagoon produces its first infusion-moulded catamarans to:

  • save weight
  • optimize resin/fibre ratios
  • protect workers (no contact with resin) and the environment (low or non-existent styrene emissions)
  • ensure optimal heat and sound insulation and excellent impregnation of the balsa sandwich to produce a structure that is rigid, light and reliable.

1997, Lagoon 410 – Lagoon invents the vertically glazed saloon to provide:blog_lagoon_410

  • more natural light
  • better protection against the sun (the windows are not directly exposed)
  • substantial improvements in interior space, inside headroom and external surfaces.

2004, Lagoon 440 – Lagoon presents its first catamaran with a “gull-wing” bridge deck to provide:

  • a smoother ride through heavy seas (slamming greatly reduced)
  • a substantial reduction in water-generated noise while sailing
  • a more naturally-rigid structure that helps save weight

The Lagoon 440 was also the first cruising catamaran to be equipped with a helm station on the fly bridge that:

  • provides perfect visibility when manoeuvring in harbour and trimming sails
  • allows all sail manoeuvres to be performed around the helmsman
  • can accommodate the entire crew on the large transversal bench seat.

2006, since the launch of the Lagoons 440 and 500, all the models in the range come with four large hull windows as standard to ensure:

  • plenty of light in every cabin
  • privacy thanks to a special silk-screen print on the outside of the panels.

2007, Lagoon 420 – Lagoon presents the Lagoon 420 Hybrid, the first cruising catamaran with a diesel/electric engine.

2009, Lagoon 620 – The flagship of the range introduces numerous innovations, in particular: blog_lagoon_620

  • an immense lateral galley in the port hull that has direct access to the cockpit
  • the owner”s suite (starboard) also with direct and private access to the cockpit
  • 2 helm stations on the fly bridge for perfect visibility during manoeuvres

2010, square-head mainsails are offered as an option for all Lagoon catamarans. This easy-to-use system:

  • ensures better performance in light winds
  • allows you to easily spill the wind in a breeze


  • Lagoon 450 – The boat”s bimini is fitted with a large opening hatch to ventilate the cockpit in hot weather.
  • Lagoon 560 – The boat comes with a multiplex tactile screen that manages the electrical circuits, batteries, water and fuel gauges, lighting, air-conditioning, stereo system, etc.

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