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Have you thought about protecting your boat?

May 27, 2016

Advanced Tracking cooperates with Sunreef Yachts for the creation of catamaran Che

Advanced Tracking is an international provider of devices designed to track, localize and secure boats 24/7 and everywhere in the world. Acts of piracy, thefts and situations of distress or intrusion are some of the problems encountered often by the marine enthusiasts and professionals.

Basing on its experience and together with its clients Advanced Tracking creates tailor-made solutions for pleasure craft, charterers and merchant marine.

The photo_sunreef_ad_trAdvanced Tracking devices secure you, create a reliable link between the boat and the shore and let you control the situation onboard whenever you’re not there. Thanks to several sensors installed together with the tracking devices, you’ll be able to limit the area of navigation of your boat, be informed in real time about intrusion or fire onboard as well as about the change of location of the boat. Advanced Tracking offers also a wide range of latest telemedicine devices that will guide you through the cardiopulmonary resuscitation and will create a reliable link between the boat and the professional healthcare services on the shore.

At the invitation of Sunreef Yachts, Advanced Tracking took part in the realization of one of its catamarans. Sunreef is a major player of the marine sector, a constructor of luxury yachts recognized worldwide, and also an international leader in sailboat and catamaran design able to combine comfort and performance with the use of sustainable technologies and original shape.

photo_sunree 2_ad_trChe, the largest catamaran from the Sunreef yard, as well as the world’s second largest sloop-rigged catamaran, was created together with Advanced Tracking. ‘This has been a great opportunity and a huge challenge – it includes several unique technical features that have never been used on any other vessel in the world’ – affirm those who participated in the project. Advanced Tracking took care of securing the catamaran with the latest tracking devices which will allow following the boat in real time and will also increase the security of its passengers.



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