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David Schor – Internationally Collected Artist

May 27, 2016

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The artist for thousands of paintings around the world, David Schor is in a league of his own.  Few artists possess the ability to create the variety of paintings that David has shown us so far.  His confidence is such that he will create a realistic pen and ink or perhaps an acrylic so full of color that your excitement will grow with each viewing.  He has also worked on many canvasses using oil. His latest recognition is found on the cover of the magazine titled “Journal of Avian Medicine and Surgery”.  His subject, Jeremiah, Yellow Naped Amazon, is perched on a branch and surrounded by such beautiful color as only David can create.



Animals, people, landscapes, Sailing, Seascapes, families at play, or a combination of all, are David’s specialties.
His long list of clients is testament to the work that only David is able to bring to any home, office, or organization. blog_David_Schor (1)

His work may be found in many homes and public places, as well as in offices, magazines, books, newspaper articles,and on television. David obtained his Master’s Degree from George Washington University in Washington, D.C.

He attended Tufts University where his band, the Barnstormers, was considered to be the 1. rock and roll band in the North Eastern US. This was back in the 60’s.  Within the last few years, Tufts built a new music room which was named after his band “The Barnstormers”.  He was then commissioned to do a painting of his band from a photograph that was taken back in the 60’s. A copy of the original painting now hangs in the music room at Tufts University.

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Approximately five years ago, he was commissioned to create a painting to commemorate the anniversary of the first Peace Conference of the League of Nations.  A copy of the painting now hangs in the Castello de Vachan in San Remo, Italy, where the conference was held. A photograph of the painting , along with an article about the unveiling of the painting and the celebration surrounding the event, was featured in Italy’s national newspaper, La Stampa.
Many of our countries’   YMCA’s have prints of the “Four Values“, original paintings that David was commissioned to create for the organization. Each painting depicts a value by telling a story.  The originals are the property of the YMCA.



Rotary International, in a similar fashion, commissioned the artist to create stories with his brush, and so he also made it possible for Rotarians around the world to see their valuable work through paintings when the Rotary published them as limited editions.
Schor has been a lifelong sailor and his Nautical Paintings convey the sense of excitement and peace that he and his wife, Olga, enjoy. He has been the artist for Windjammer Barefoot Cruises, Norwegian Caribbean Cruises and Royal Caribbean Cruises as well as a number of private captains.

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