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Clearstone Protective Coating

May 27, 2016

As industry leaders in technologically advanced protective coating systems Clearstone is proud to introduce you to their latest line of products.

At Clearstone they take pride in their work, consistently delivering world-class products that are unmatched in the marketplace.  Their company prides itself on delivering protective coating for all industries that far exceed the highest expectations.  At ClearStone they only use the very best ingredients and custom design each coating for its particular application field.  This allows them to create coatings that are more durable, reliable and longer lasting than anything else on the market.  They spare no expenses on research and development to ensure that they remain world leaders in all of their operational fields and that their customers are delivered the latest and most ground breaking coating systems.

Marine, Aviation, Aerospace, Automotive and Energy – if you are looking for the longest lasting most durable protective coating, look no further they have it all.  If you find what you are looking for they will custom make it for you.

Using space-age technology paired with the very best and highest qualified workforce available.  Clearstone will continue to use quality, skill and innovation to take them into the next generation of protective coatings.

At Clearstone they are so confident in their products that many of them carry LIFETIME WARRANTIES.

  Clearstone Products



 Clearstone MARINE





Clearstone LUX

The toughest high gloss, protective permanent clear coat

on the market for marine paints, gel-coats and carbon fibres.




Clearstone STAINLESS

Is a high gloss clear coat designed and developed to protect and adhere to

metal surfaces like; stainless steel cleats, fairleads, railings, winches, aluminium

tuna towers, rod holders, and gangways, polished diamond plate floorboards

and many more metal surfaces.







Specificially designed and developed to adhere to submerged metal surfaces.

  Our unique formula creates a chemical bond which has the ability to adhere

to surface that other coatings just cannot stick too.







Clearstone Aviation

A completely clear, non porous, light weight, ice-phobic protective

coating specifically developed & designed for the commercial and

recreational aircraft industry.


Clearstone Automotive

A completely clear and ultra thin protective coating that is non-porous,

ice-phobic and more durable than any other coating.  Protects your

paintwork, rims, headlights and undercarriages.



Clearstone Energy

A completely clean non porous, light weight, ice-phobic protective coating

specifically developed & designed for the energy sector.  Protects wind

turbines, communication towers, generators and commercial transportations.



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