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Bodrum Cup 2011

May 27, 2016



The Bodrum Cup is an annual yacht regatta organized by ERA Bodrum Sailing Club. The main objective is to promote interest and skill in sailing among the captains and crews of Bodrum”s charter fleet.

It is also a celebration of the ending of each year”s cruising season, a means to bring together in a friendly encounter charter yachts that normally cruise on their own. This is a fun event organized since 1989, held every third week in October.

Wooden yachts will set sail for the 23rd time to win the Bodrum Cup on 18th – 23rd October 2011. Bodrum Cup, one of the biggest naval organizations of Turkey, is one of the few races of the Mediterranean, where yachts sail with passengers on board. Click here to view the yachts.


It is a Naval Festival, where yachts built mostly in domestic boatyards are exhibited in action; this was taken place yearly for more than 22 years.

Another purpose is to extend the cruising season, since passengers are welcome, to participate aboard competing yachts.

The annual International Bodrum Cup celebrates the end of the cruising season in October , unique in that only traditional and classic wooden yachts, or ‘Gulets’, are permitted to compete in the main regatta. While the competition is open only to traditional and classic wooden yachts, the non-wooden ones are accepted as non-competing guests. There is such an array of prizes that few competitors come home empty-handed.

Privately owned yachts, Turkish or foreign – flag, are also certainly welcome to participate within the applicable categories and many do so.

With the added excitement of competition, all participants enjoy the festive air as yachts anchor together at the end of each day to have fun and trade tall stories that are the trade- mark of sailors.

The magnificent vista of a horizon filled with the sails of Bodrum”s majestic wooden yacht fleet is a sight never forgotten.

Anyone, not just sailors, can participate in the regatta on the yachts. Individuals who participate can just take it easy and enjoy the cruise or, if they wish, they can assist in sail handling and other crew activities becoming fully involved in the excitement of the regatta.

The Bodrum Cup Wooden Sailing Yacht Regatta is an international event which has become a tradition, held every year since 1989.

It is an unusual race in that charter yachts participate complete with passengers. The Bodrum Cup is not only a race, but also a marine festival with guests from all over the world. It is also an exhibition, an opportunity to show off the beautiful, locally-built yachts to prospective buyers.

It is an event where captains and crews can further develop their skills, a school where people can learn to use the wind to the best advantage, and a chance for the yacht builders to test their boats in all kinds of weather.

People in Bodrum and the surrounding area have always built boats, adapting the designs according to the needs of the period.blog_bodrumcup2

Wooden boats were used in ancient times to carry wine and other cargoes, and more recently were produced for sponge diving and fishing purposes.

In the 1970s when the beauty of the Gokova Gulf became more widely known through books and articles in the press, fishing boats were one by one transformed into charter yachts.

New yachts were constructed with the requirements of the passengers on these blue cruises in mind, so that sailing took a back seat to comfort.

Towards the 1990s, the production of wooden boats in Turkey rose rapidly to the ten thousand mark.

After being neglected for a period, the capacity of the yachts as sailing vessels once more came to the fore with the Bodrum Cup.

The competition between craftsmen who participate in the boats they have built, and the competition between their newest boats and those of previous years, spurs the production of ever better yachts certified to high standards, both luxurious and fine performers under sail.

For five days, one and a half thousand people, including five hundred from other countries, rise at dawn to prepare for the days exciting race which ends at sunset, giving way to an evening of pleasurable socializing.

The concerts performed aboard at night while the boats are in the circle of love formation are especially enjoyable.

The course changes each year and the yachts compete to win the Bodrum Cup awarded at the end of the five days.

The Bodrum Cup: yacht”s categories

1.    Wooden yachts – traditional design blog_bodrumcup

In general, high displacement cruising yachts built with traditional materials and methods.

Bodrum Cup Mega: 21m and over
Bodrum Cup Traditional: 20.99 m and below
Bodrum Cup Tirhandil: All Tirhandil yachts also will be considered in this category.

2.     Wooden yachts – cruiser/racer design

In general, yachts classified as classic in international terminology. This category includes yachts of significantly lighter displacement than the above and built for speed.

3.     Yachts of non-wooden construction (as non-competing participants)

All yachts of non-wooden construction that wish to participate in the regatta.

Click here to view the yachts.



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