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Yacht Chartering with Children

adv_children_yachtcharter_2Some people are reluctant to go on a yacht chartering holiday because they have children. Some are worried for safety reasons while others are just concerned that the children will just be bored on a boat all day.

These are some genuine concerns. However, they can be overcome quite easily.

To overcome the safety issues, some ground rules before going on the yacht charter vacation is very important.

You will need to start planning the children in advance. They need to be explained some rules that have to be followed during yacht charter holiday.

Some of the safety rules are:

  • They are only allowed to go to the front of the boat if accompanied by an adult.
  • They should listen to the Captain or skipper.
  • They are not allowed to leave the boat without the permission of an adult.
  • Their life vests should always be on them.
  • There should be no running back and forth aboard the Yacht.
  • They are only allowed to go swimming in twos.

adv_children_yachtcharter_1The best way to avoid boredom is to involve the children in the basics of yacht chartering. This will be a new experience for them and they will be more that happy to learn about the charter. They will be enthralled with the equipments on board. You can let them have a go at using some of the equipments so that they will not feel left out.

It is also good to allow them to explore the area. Once you have stopped somewhere, let them off the boat to go and explore, accompanied by a responsible adult of course. They can go explore the nature and so some shopping as well.

Ensure that time between each stop is not too long. Try to plan the itinerary for the yacht charter holiday in such a way that the sailing time between each stops are not too long. This will avoid boredom and the children can get on a beach and run around.

Avoid recounting tales of bad experiences at sea in front of the children. This will make them more reluctant for the yacht charter holiday.

Remember also to bring lots of beach toys. You can also go out canoeing or kayaking.

Renting the right boat can also help to make the family yacht charter holiday a success. One of the best boats for a family yacht charter holiday is a catamaran. A catamaran has plenty of space for the children to move around and will therefore not feel cramped. Also on a catamaran, it does not rock back and forth and therefore it is the best cruise option for a family. There are not the usual dangerous stairs; thus the children can easily and freely move from cockpit to galley. When the kids get used to and become accustomed to the boat then they can find it really enjoyable when each day they will discover a new destination with beaches.

Sailing yachts can also be chartered. However, you will have to limit the hours of sailing so that it does not become to monotone for the children. This will be the best place where they can learn the rules of sailing. This will be ideal for older children who will be able to understand a little bit about the sailing techniques and therefore will not be bored.

You can go for motor yacht charters if the children are old enough to understand the maneuvers and will adhere to everything they are told.

The key to achieve a successful yacht charter with kids is simple: make them participate in the action, get them involved and put them in charge of certain things.


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