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Why Charter Direct?

Until now, looking for a dream charter holiday or vacation on the web has been quite a frustrating process with literally hundreds of individuals and charter companies to search through. Never knowing if you are paying the best rates or receiving the best service, information and real value for money. Now, Yacht Owners Direct brings it all together. Ensuring an improved user experience, better visibility for boats with more information and a much easier way to search and find the boat you are looking for and by dealing with the people that know the boat best!

Booking direct is best, but you already knew that!

By dealing with the most direct point of contact it will not only speed up the booking process and save you money but also eliminates any confusion and misinformation about your booking.

Some other points you will experience when booking direct:

  • No hidden costs.
  • Enjoy a much more personal service with up-to-date information.
  • Real value for money and owners can pass the savings on to you.
  • Booking direct allows for much more flexibility to best suit you.

The first worldwide yacht charter website dedicated to putting people in direct contact with yacht owners, central agents and captains. We are a dedicated team at Yacht Owners Direct with a passionate about yachting and all associated professions and have 17 years experience working in the yacht charter industry worldwide. Nobody knows a yacht better than the owner, central agent or the owners representative and we put people in direct contact. We work with boats in all the major ports around the globe and our vision is to put you in direct contact with the best choice of yachts, to cut out the expensive middle-man and to keep the charter price down. You request and book directly with the yacht owners preferred point of contact, be it the owner directly or their central agent, representative or captain. We would like Yacht Owners Direct to become the first place people will look when contacting a yacht. People will know that they will be receiving the best value for money and the best all round service directly from the people that know the product best. We believe that nobody knows a yacht better than the owner, central agent or the owners representative and we put people in direct contact. Combining our maritime experience with our skills online we bring you YOD – the easiest, most direct and cost effective way for you to secure your dream yacht charter worldwide…

Our Vision at Yacht owners Direct is simple…

  • Offer the largest selection of superb yachts for charter and for sale.
  • Become the definitive reference point for charter holidays among yachting enthusiasts.
  • Become the definitive reference point for corporate, business and event charter.
  • Grow and maintain the website so it stays easy to navigate according to exact criteria and needs.
  • To maintain a high standard of professional ethics in yacht charter and sales by dealing with reputable contacts and the best people in the yachting industry.
  • To continue to vet each boat in each category to ensure that it meets our superior standards of quality and safety and to insure people keep using the service to find the right yachts that meet their needs.


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