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Why Charter a Yacht?

When thinking about going on holidays, several options come to mind. Most people prefer to take their main holiday in summer; for some it can be last-minute breaks while for others it could be planned months in advanced.

One of the most sought after holidays is a beach holiday, where one can relax in the sun. Some people prefer to choose an activity holiday which involves walking, cycling, climbing or other sports while others prefer winter sports such as skiing. Another option is aboard a yacht. Chartering a yacht for a holiday, corporate function or a romantic getaway is one of the most exiting things to plan for.

So, why choose to charter a yacht?

Chartering a yacht offers the advantage of visiting a wide area or multiple regions without changing hotels or rooms. All you need to do is move the yacht to the location you prefer, no need to repack your luggage or waste time catching another flight; you can just set sail to another location and enjoy the sea view while travelling. You can enjoy a new location each day without the hustle and bustle of crowds.

Having your friends and families together on a yacht helps bring you closer because you all have to pitch together to make the holiday more fun. You can never be bored while chartering a yacht, there is so much to do. You can just relax on the sundeck, go for a swim or take a dinghy to shore and explore.

We have found that yacht chartering can be addictive. Once you book a yacht for a holiday you will find staying in a room not satisfying enough. The freedom and accomplishment that you get from having the sea around you almost everyday of your holiday without a crowd makes yacht chartering a must holiday choice.

You can choose any destination worldwide and the type of yacht you prefer and book your dream holiday through our site.

You have a wide selection of boats to choose from depending on your skills and preferences. You can choose a bareboat yacht charter if you have the necessary skills to handle your boat or you can go for a crewed yacht where you just have to relax and the crew will look after the boat and you as well.

You can also choose between a luxury yacht, a motor yacht, a sailing yacht, a gulet yacht or a catamaran. This will depend on you preferences and budget. Some people prefer peaceful sailing while others enjoy the thrill of motor boats.

There are also specialist yacht types such as Event and Corporate Entertainment Charters for the Cannes Film Festival, Monaco Grand Prix and the Voile de St Tropez Regatta among others, Classic Yacht Charters, Day Charters and Fishing Boats.

Yacht Chartering for a holiday makes the experience memorable. You can decide to charter a boat for a day, for a weekend or even longer. offers a wide range of yachts to charter in destinations worldwide. Looking for a yacht that would suit you best has never been easier, you can search by destination or by selecting one of the preselected top destinations or click on the “Location Search” button to see a full list of locations. See our How to search page for more information.

If you have more questions concerning yacht chartering, please see our Frequently asked questions page or if you would like to speak to one of our yacht charter specialist before planning your next holiday please contact us on +2309194848 or by email on the Contact Us link below.


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