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How to Choose your Yacht For Charter

Choosing the right yacht can make your yacht charter holiday the most enjoyable and memorable one. There are different types of yachts available for charter and it can be quite tricky to choose the right one for you. There are sailing yacht charters, motor yacht charters, catamaran yacht charters, luxury yacht charters or classic yacht charters. There is also bareboat yacht charter or crewed charters. Some yacht charters also offer courses on board where you can learn something new while enjoying your holiday.

Sailing Yacht Charter

Sailing offers the freedom of relaxing and enjoying the view. Sailing yachts are normally powered by the wind which is a renewable source of energy. You can cruise along the coast from port to port or you can sail on the open waters to new destinations. Sailing yacht charter is the best way to enjoy the view of the surrounding.

Sailing yacht charter can be either bareboat, skippered or crewed. Depending on your experience you have for handling a sailing yacht, you can make your choice from there.

Bareboat is normally for those who have the necessary qualification, knowledge and experience of handling a sailing yacht.
Chartering a sailing yacht with a skipper is when you would like a help with the sailing. You can hire a skipper who will do the sailing for you and provide you with all the important information about the charter area.

Crewed sailing yacht charter is where there is a professional crew on board that looks after everything. This is ideal for large boats which are difficult to handle single handedly. The crew on board gives you peace of mind to enjoy your yacht chartered holiday.

Motor Yacht Charter

Motor yacht charters are ideal for those wanting the thrill of speed and have lots of places to see.

Bareboat motor yacht charters are usually chartered for a day, requiring a large deposit and a certification and are rarely over 40 feet. This is ideal for those that have the experience and qualification of handling such boats.

Motor yachts can also be chartered along with a skipper. This is usually for those needing help to handle the boat.

Crewed motor yachts are where there is a professional crew on board that takes care of the maintenance, sailing, cooking, cleaning and navigation and are experts in the region where you are cruising.

Yacht crew members are normally highly trained and experienced in the particular areas of responsibility they occupy. Crews are generally hired and committed to one yacht. It is their job, livelihood and passion to manage it and the well-being of the guests aboard. They run the boat and are focused on your enjoyment and well-being.

Since the crew is dedicated to the yacht and lovingly care for it, Crewed Yachts are generally in excellent condition. A good crew has worked together for a while, is a true team and often communicates and works together effortlessly. The best crews know how to provide great service as well as give you the privacy you need on your holiday.

Catamaran Yacht Charter

Catamaran yacht charters combine the pleasure and teamwork of sailing with comfort and privacy.
The catamaran is becoming increasingly popular for many reasons. It is easier to navigate in shallow waters. There is more private sleeping accommodations since the cabins are separated from each other in the hulls. The views from the spacious salon are fantastic.

Moreover, catamarans are ideal when chartering with children since there is fewer stairs and less separation between the cockpit and the galley and it does not rock back and forth which can be quite unpleasant especially for children.

Crewed catamaran is ideal if you want a relaxing holiday with all the facilities and the feeling of being on a great sailboat without having to do all of the work. Crewed catamarans normally come with a well-informed skipper and hostess. They know the region and the waters and can thus add to your comfort and satisfaction.

Bare boating a catamaran with a few couples can make for a wonderful holiday when you have one qualified sailor in the group and the rest are willing to pitch in. You are totally in control of your holiday.

Luxury Yacht Charter

Luxury yacht charters are normally very expensive, privately owned yachts which are professionally crewed. They are also known as a super yacht. A luxury yacht may be either a sailing or motor yacht.

This is ideal for those who wants all the comfort and can afford to pay for it and can also be chartered for corporate entertainment. They offer all luxuries and comfort on board.

It is very common to find a Luxury Yacht with hot tub, plasma screen TV with surround sound system and satellite channels, Internet access, gourmet food served the way you like it and an entire range of water sports including scuba, windSurfing, jet ski and water skiing.

While these do not come cheap but when to the price of a 5 Start Hotel for a week for a few couples or a full family, you will often come out well financially and have the added benefit of the privacy and freedom that come from being on your own boat.

Classic Yacht Charter

Classic yachts are yachts that offer grace, beauty and a personal lesson on the history of sailing. Some of them are quite old; 50 – 100 years old. However, they are usually in near perfect condition with huge sails with intricate rigging, gleaming brass fixtures and rich, highly crafted woodwork. Most of them have been upgraded with modern amenities to provide for a comfortable and memorable sail or holiday cruise. Advanced navigation systems, entertainment centers, modern galleys, even internet and wifi are quite common on many of these classic ships.

Classic yachts are particular appealing to yacht lovers who charter yachts for their sheer elegance and a reflection back in to the past. They can be chartered for a day, holiday, regatta, static events or team building and corporate entertainment.

Classic yachts are always crewed, so that you can enjoy the true excitement of sailing and also relax if you so desire. The crew will allow you to do as much sailing as you desire: raising the sails, trimming the jib, even taking the helm under the watchful eye of the captain. You will get a true feeling for the art and science of sailing and the crew normally is happy to provide expert advice and tips.


When choosing your yacht, you also have to look at the number of cabins. If you are going for overnight cruises, you will need enough berths for everyone to be able to sleep in. In case you have hired a skipper and a hostess, provisions have to be made for them as well. Some yachts come in different designs: an owner’s version which usually combines two cabins into one large stateroom or a holiday version which holds as many cabins as possible. You should also consider the number of heads and showers. The standing height or head room below deck can be quite a limiting factor. If you or one of your crew is taller than 1.85 m (6′ 1″), then choose a yacht that has a standing room of at least 1.90 m (6′ 3″).Length of the boat
Another important matter is the length of the boat, especially if you have chartered a bareboat. You will have to decide whether you will be able to handle the boat or not. Also, a longer yacht has a larger maximum speed. For instance a 50 foot yacht has 30% more speed than its 30 feet version, which allows you to travel greater distances, adding more freedom to your itinerary

Event Yacht Charter

A good way to promote your company is to entertain clients aboard a yacht. This is particular done for events such as the Cannes Film festival, MIPIM Show, MIPCOM Festival, The Cannes Lions Festival, the MIDEM Festival, the Formula One Grand Prix races among others. For these events the best charter will be luxury yachts which will make your company stand out. You can also charter a classic yacht which will provide an elegant and memorable platform for hosting parties, celebrations and dinners.

Yacht chartering can also be great for Regattas. As a yacht charter you are able to sail alongside other spectators and join in with the festivity and excitement. Motor yachts will be ideal if you want to take pictures of the race; you will be able to follow the race closely. If you want to relax and enjoy the race as a spectator, then sailing yachts will be ideal.

Fishing Charter

Before chartering a yacht for fishing, you need to check whether you will be provided with the fishing equipment or do you have to bring your own.

Also you will need to find out whether you are allowed to fish in the area you are going; some places you are only allowed to fish in a specific area and only a certain types of fish are allowed to be fished. You will need to confirm these details when booking your yacht.

Wedding or Honeymoon Charters

When booking for your wedding yacht charter, you will need to enquire about the law and requirements for a wedding prevailing in the area where the ceremony will be held. Different countries have different requirements.

While yacht chartering for a honeymoon, you can go for a crewed yacht. They will give you all the comforts and also all the privacy. Whether you want to go for a sailing or motor yacht will depend entirely on your preferences. If you want to sail at a leisurely pace and take time to explore the area, then a sailing yacht charter will be ideal. However, you want speed and want to visit lots of places in a short period of time, then a motor yacht will be ideal.

Cabin Charter

Some yachts also offer the possibility of chartering just a cabin. Cabin charter is in the middle of taking a cruise and chartering a yacht. Just like a cruise there is a planned itinerary, meals are all served to everyone at a particular time and the other guests on board are unfamiliar.

However, unlike a cruise, there most of the time the number of people is limited and there is some flexibility in the schedule. Like a yacht charter, sleeping accommodations are in cabins on a comfortable boat, the food is regional, exotic and beautifully presented and the days are enjoyed sailing from island to island. Contrary to a yacht charter you do not have the boat to yourself; you have to share with the other passengers on board. This makes cabin charter to cost a fraction of the price of a private yacht. This is ideal for those who want to meet new people while enjoying a great holiday.

Courses on board

Some people prefer to combine a holiday with learning something new. Some yachts offer different courses on board. Therefore, along with enjoying your yacht charter holiday, you can also learn something new. Some of the courses offered are: sailing, cooking, Scuba diving among others.

Choosing the right yacht is foremost while planning a yacht charter holiday. Most of the time it depends on your personal preferences and the budget you want to allocate to the holiday.


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