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When & Where To Charter

Choosing the right destination at the right time is essential to have a successful yacht charter holiday.
Selecting the ideal destination requires matching your wishes with the climate, services, food and places of interest of the possible destinations.

Below is a guideline on when is the best time to charter a yacht in a specific area.

The Mediterranean

The climate is warm and sunny in the summer months and the winds generally light, making for excellent boating conditions.

Mediterranean Yacht Charter French Riviera The glamour and extravagance of the French Riviera. April – October
 des_spain_charter1  Spain  The ancient cobbled streets and tasty tapas bars of Spain April – October
 des_italy_charter  Italy The gripping coastal architecture and stunning coast of Italy April – October
 des_croatia_charter Croatia The untainted charm of Croatia April – October
 port_crete_greece_charter1  Greece The majesty of the cradle of civilization that is Greece April – October
 des_turkey_charter1  Turkey The exotic cultural mix of Turkey April – October

Caribbean and the British Virgin Islands

The warm trade winds, turquoise sea water, gorgeous white sand beaches and fun West Indian culture, make for a thrilling playground for all kinds of vacation activities.

des_bahamas_charter Bahamas Calm waters and cooling trade winds. All year round
 des_barbados_charter British Virgin Islands Perfect sailing trade winds and protected anchorages. November – May
 des_saintvincent_grenadines_charter1  St. Vincent and Grenadines Captivating natural beauty with lush tropical forests and cascading waterfalls December – May
 des_antigua_charter  Antigua Beautiful beaches, protected harbors and a rich history. November – April
 des_belize_charter1 Belize Unspoiled and exotic destination with the second largest barrier reef. November – May
 des_trinidad_tobago_charter  Trinidad & Tobago Safe harbors and located outside the hurricane belt. November – April
 des_martinique_charter1  Martinique Great beaches, exceptional food and wonderful water sports. November-April

Indian Ocean

It offers a unique yacht charter with vibrant culture and colorful flora and fauna that feasts the senses and sensibilities.

 des_southafrica_charter South Africa A temperate climate due to being surrounded by the Atlantic
and Indian Ocean on three sides and its location in the milder southern hemisphere.
December – March
 des_seychelles_charter Seychelles Miles of desolate powdery sand beaches, vibrant coral reefs and inviting lagoons. Year Round
Ari atoll, white sands resort. Maldives Islands. Indian Ocean Maldives The year-round tropical climate and remote location
give Maldives an amazingly diverse and unique underwater ecology teaming with life.
Year Round
  Reunion Island Tropical, but temperature moderates with elevation. Year Round
 des_madagascar_charter1 Madagascar Tropical climate along the coast and temperate inland. April – November
 des_mozambique_charter1 Mozambique A tropical climate with two seasons, a wet season and a dry season. June – August


Magnificent coral reefs, historical ports or the ancient green, a yacht charter vacation in Australasia is guaranteed to provide a taste of something rare.

des_austrelesia_charter1 Australia Sunny tropical weather and there is always enough wind
for pleasant sailing experience.
December – February
 des_newzealand_charter1 New Zealand Spectacular landscapes, lush forests, an amazing wildlife
and a pleasant climate.
November – April
 des_fiji_charter Fiji Warm azure sea, the soft sandy beaches, gently swaying palms,
the abundance of sea life and friendly hospitality of the islanders.
Year Round

South East Asia

The climate in Southeast Asia is mainly tropical–hot and humid all year round with plentiful rainfall.

Singapore Cultural diversity, colonial history, world-class shopping
and famous beaches
Year Round
  Malaysia Beautiful beaches, different islands, excellent seafood, jungles
and a world class diving and snorkeling paradise.
November – August
  Thailand Gorgeous beaches, amazing rock formations,
world-class diving and snorkeling spots.
November – August
  Bali Mountains, valleys, lakes, flat areas and numerous beautiful
white sandy beaches and warm blue seawater..
Year Round

North Sea

It is a body of water famous for fierce storms, fierce history and fiercely beautiful coastal areas.

United Kingdom Explore the Solent during Cowes Week, discover the rugged East Coast
or the delightful Isles of Orkney, the UK offers variety, history and great
May – September
  Northern Ireland Northern Ireland has several coasts and a variety of charter opportunities. May – September
Northern France Warm, sunny climate, uninhabited islands with
white sandy beaches as well as protected anchorages.
May – September
  Belgium From river barges to North Sea yachting adventures,
Belgium offers a number of boating holiday options.
June – September

South Pacific

The South Pacific offers storied cultures, waving palm trees, and rich blue waters seeming almost too good to be true.

From the thrill of wild blue water passages, to the peace and tranquility of sheltered bays, a cruise in the South Pacific is perfect for those seeking the ultimate in getaways.

Samoa Dotted with steep rocky trails, lush undergrowth,
multicoloured corals and varied marine life.
April – November
  New Caledonia Surrounded by aquamarine lagoons, pristine white beaches
and the sheer cliffs
May – December
Tahiti & French Polynesia A combination of dramatic geography, lush tropical vegetation
and numerous multicoloured crystal lagoons.
Year Round
Easter Island The island is blessed with an extraordinary collection of
archaeological sites including the famous Moai.
April – November

USA East Coast

There is a wondrous mixture of the exciting history, culture and natural beauty of the eastern seaboard.

Florida Warm, emerald waters nurture living coral that supports a complex,
delicate ecosystem of plants and animals.
Year Round
  New York New York City is famous for Shopping, Broadway,
the Empire State Building,
the Statue of Liberty and Food.
March – November
Massachusetts Bordered by all sides, the outdoor fun encompasses everything
from hiking, skiing and water rafting or whale-watching.
March – November
Rhode Island Rhode Island is notable for the great variety of its natural beauty,
cultural richness and social history.
March – November
Virginia The strategic location and the climate of Virginia are
largely influenced by the Blue Ridge Mountains and
the Chesapeake Bay which are home to a magnificent flora and fauna.
April – October

USA West Coast

West Coast of USA yacht charters offer an opportunity to view marine life and explore the California coast.

Washington Landscapes and woods blend into farmlands
and vistas of profound beauty
May – November
  San Diego The constant and moderate breezes make the San Diego bay
one of the most pleasurable sailing locations
coupled with great skyline views and its spectacular sunsets
May – November
San Francisco It offers beautiful weather, access to great sailing
and spectacular views of the City skyline.
May – November
Vancouver Canada Discover the magnificent scenery and wildlife
and the large variety of water sports available.
May – September


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